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You are working on work flexibility. You have no debt other than a mortgage or strategically held debt (low interest student loans, etc.)

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In this stage you have achieved (or are very close to achieving) work flexibility in your life. Work Flexibility means you have enough saved so that you can choose to do the work you want to do. You can cover your day to day expenses and are at a good place with your long term investing and savings goals for retirement. You can take breaks from traditional career to travel focus on family, start a business, etc and have the ability to change careers based on your interests and passions. You may still work but you have the choice to do what truly excites you. You may not have enough saved and invested to never have to work again but you have options and more control over how you spend your time- the true measure of freedom. 


What you should focus on...

In this stage focus on doing meaningful and enjoyable work while building and preserving your assets/investment portfolio.

Download your results as a pdf here.

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