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Episode 72- How Pursuing Financial Independence & Sustainable Living Go Hand in Hand w/ Catherine Agopcan

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At some point or another, we’ve all said to ourselves “I have way too much STUFF!”. If you haven’t yet, consider yourself ahead of the game as we discuss sustainability and financial literacy with this week’s guest, personal financial educator and sustainability advocate Catherine Agopcan. After much trial and error, she arrived at the conclusion that too much stuff was bad for the wallet and the planet. She is now on a mission to show others that caring for the environment and seeking financial independence go hand-in-hand.

She is the founder of Sisters for Financial Independence and The Do Something Project, which provides resources to empower women to start owning their finances in pursuit of financial independence. The Do Something Project is dedicated to a well-lived life full of adventure and good health by following the tenets of minimalism and eco-friendly living.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The switch from believing money is bad & not in line with minimalism to viewing money in a positive way
  • Why Zero Waste is not possible but we should still attempt it
  • How looking out for the planet helps our financial pursuits
  • Small steps we can start today to be more responsible with the way we consume, live, and invest
  • Why you should choose hobbies and pursue interests to help build your skill set
  • The hard truths of minimalism and decluttering

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