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Episode 71- The Business of Money w/ Farnoosh Torabi

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The road to financial literacy can be a daunting journey, especially when you’re 22 years old, $30,000 in debt, and making $18 an hour while living in the most expensive city in America (NYC). This is where this week’s guest Farnoosh Torabi found herself before becoming one of the leading personal finance authorities hooked on helping young professionals navigate their finances and live their richest, happiest lives.

From her early days reporting for Money Magazine to hosting a prime-time series on CNBC and writing monthly for O, The Oprah Magazine and Mint.com, she’s become a favorite go-to money expert.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How she ended up choosing to go into the money business
  • Her long-standing career in personal finance
  • The common themes and issues that she’s seen in finances over the years
  • Her thoughts on the FIRE movement
  • Why you should choose hobbies and pursue interests to help build your skill set
  • Why she’s also now dabbling in comedy
I'm listening to Episode 71 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, The Business of Money w/ @farnoosh. Share on X Do what you love and the money will follow. But you need to do the WORK! -@farnoosh Share on X Money gives you; the ability to leave a bad situation, allows you to marry for love, lets you be yourself. Things are harder when you don’t have it @farnoosh Share on X

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