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Episode 65-Spark Joy and Abundance in Your Life Using the KonMari Method w/ Kristyn Ivey

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Consumerism and the desire to accumulate ‘things’ can be one of the greatest threats to achieving Financial Independence. One of the best ways to combat this and the clutter that results is to lead a more organized lifestyle that is fueled by the things that bring you joy. This is the main principle behind the KonMari™ organization method.

This week, I am speaking with Kristyn Ivey, the founder of For the Love of Tidy and Chicago’s first certified KonMari™ consultant. Kristyn is also on the journey to FI and she has made several interesting connections between tidiness and personal finance.  With a background in both engineering and interior design, Kristyn has made it her mission to teach families and professionals how to let go of “stuff” to attract a truly abundant life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How becoming more organized and tidy can lead someone to focus and find their passion and pursue big changes in their lives
  • The finance/organizing connection
  • The KonMari method and the art of tidying up
  • Finding Freedom through KonMari
  • Using the concept of “what sparks joy” to our budgets and therefore prioritize what and how we spend/save
  • The relationship of clutter and spending more on rent/mortgage
  • Incorporating tidy habits for those that are not naturally tidy
  • Kristyn’s FI journey
  • Other tidiness and organization tips
I'm listening to Episode 65 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, Spark Joy and Abundance in Your Life Using the KonMari Method w/ Kristyn Ivey Share on X I was emotionally stuck, and no amount of cyclical purging was going to get me out. I was stuck under unfinished projects, mindless purchases, unhealthy habits, and unfulfilled career aspirations, recycled year-after-year. -Kristyn… Share on X I was used to the act of acquiring more as a way to bury the guilt, anxiety, and fear associated with my inability to achieve true joy and happiness in major areas of my life. -Kristyn Ivey Share on X

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