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Episode 64- Your Guide to Becoming a Minimalist & Simplifying Your Life w/ Joshua Becker

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Minimalism, the practice of simplifying your life by living with fewer possessions, is a lifestyle choice that fits perfectly within the journey to Financial Independence. The concept of “quality over quantity” and “less equals more” allows you to spend and consume in ways that are in alignment with your life and financial goals.

This week’s guest is Joshua Becker, a best-selling author and the Founder and Editor of Becoming Minimalist. Joshua has become one of the leading voices in the modern simplicity movement reaching over 1 million readers every month. Through the use of his platform, Joshua inspires others to pursue their greatest passions by owning fewer possessions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Joshua’s epiphany moment of clearing out his garage
  • How he began to make the necessary adjustments to his life
  • How owning less stuff leads to more time, more energy, more freedom, etc.
  • The differences in decluttering, organizing, de-owning, simplifying
  • The importance of de-owning
  • How to simplify your time (let go of overwhelm)
  • How to implement being a minimalist if you have children
  • How thoughtful consumption and consumerism with the idea of owning less and the FIRE movement go hand in hand

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I'm listening to Episode 64 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, How Your Guide to Becoming a Minimalist & Simplifying Your Finances w/ @Joshua_Becker Share on X Every increased possession adds to increased anxiety. @joshua_becker Share on X As a result, we discovered more money, more time, more energy, more freedom, less stress, and more opportunity to pursue our greatest passions: faith, family, friends. @joshua_becker Share on X Minimalism gives you the chance to pursue happiness outside of your physical possessions. @joshua_becker Share on X We need much less than we think we need.” -Maya Angelou Share on X


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