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Episode 62- How Allison & Matt Left Their Jobs Behind To Travel the USA in a Van

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Financial Freedom takes on several different forms and for today’s guests, Matt and Alli Owen, it means taking a mini-retirement and traveling the US in their red Sprinter Van, Clifford. Burnt out and struggling with depression and anxiety from living the traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle, the Owens decided to walk away from their 6-figure jobs and live life on their own terms.

After saving 70% of their income over the course of 4 years, Matt and Alli were able to create the lifestyle that they truly enjoy. Today, Matt and Alli share their experiences on their journey to FI on Owen Your Future, their finance and personal development blog.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Life before the van life
  • Matt and Alli’s careers
  • Walking away from 6 figure incomes
  • How living the 9-5 life left them feeling stuck and led to anxiety and depression
  • How the Owens prepared financially
  • How they saved 70% of income over 4 years
  • Finding the courage to make such a big life change
  • Why they chose Sprinter Van over a Camper or Tiny House or RV and the cost to buy the van and fix it up
  • Resources for people that may want to fix a van to live a similar lifestyle
  • Their monthly expenses
  • The Owens’ future lifestyle plans
  •  Valuing experience over things

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Also, Journey To Launch was nominated at the 9th Annual Plutus Awards for Podcast of the Year & the Community Builder Award!

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