Episode 6- Improve Your Mindset & Stay Focused on Your Financial Journey

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In this episode, I talk with Fifi Buchanan of the Divine Hostess blog and the Wonderfully Made podcast. Fifi focuses on a holistic approach to wellness, cooking, and lifestyle improvement. On her podcast, Wonderfully Made, Fifi provides tips on how to live a more balanced and fulfilled life by improving daily habits and pursuing wellness.

I first met Fifi on Instagram. I announced that I was launching my podcast and needed supporters for my launch campaign. Fifi, without knowing me, graciously signed up to lend her support to my campaign and gave me words of encouragement. She also mentioned that she had a podcast and I immediately went to check it out.

Once I started listening, I was enthralled with Fifi’s calming approach to overcoming internal obstacles and her wellness tips. I saw the importance of the topics that Fifi talked about and how it related directly to one’s Financial Journey, so I invited her on the podcast.

Here’s just some of what we discuss:

  • The limitations that come with comparison and how can we stay focused on our own journey.
  • Tips to overcome negativity, doubt, and fear so that we can move toward our goals.
  • How to make peace with where you are and where you want to be without getting discouraged and angry.
  • How to forgive ourselves for past mistakes.
  • How to stay focused on goals that seem so far away
  • The importance of treating ourselves and self-care
  • How to eat well on a budget plus so much more!


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Journey To Launch Podcast: Episode 6

How To Improve Your Money Mindset & Stay Focused On Your Financial Journey

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