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Episode 59- Exploring the Personal Finance Crisis w/ Elizabeth White Who Was 55 & Faking Normal

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Ideally, retirement is the event that allows for working men and women to shift their working lifestyle to a lifestyle of relaxation and enjoyment. The truth of the matter is that so many Americans, nearly one-third of those aged 55-64, have little to no savings and are unable to support themselves during their time of unemployment. Even with the median retirement account valued at more than $100,000, this is still not enough to maintain the living expenses of a person living the average lifespan of 80 years. Elizabeth White, an author and aging solutions advocate, shares this experience in hardship and has made it her mission to educate the world on the personal finance crisis.

Two years ago, Ms. White wrote an online essay that depicted the financial plight of boomer-aged Americans and her story resonated with so many. The overwhelming response to the essay led her to write her book, Fifty-five, Unemployed, and Faking Normal, which tells the story of the millions of older Americans who, despite a history of career choice and decent incomes, are facing the prospect of downward mobility in old age. Today, Ms. White has sparked a national conversation, has delivered an impactful TED Talk and has been recognized as one of the Top 50 influencers on aging.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ms. White’s story and her famous TEDx Talk
  • Her financial mistakes and lessons learned
  • The individual isolated behavior vs systematic factors that have led us to this point of the retirement crisis.  (The 7.7 trillion retirement GAP)
  • The 3-legged retirement income stool- (the savings, pension and social security) and why it is so wobbly/broken
  • Advice for older adults reaching retirement and advice for younger adults
  • Resilient circles and how people can form them in their lives
  • The concept of ‘Smalling-up’
  • What it means to have a richly textured life
  • The changes Ms. White would have made her to habits and choices pre-retirement
  • Her thoughts on the FIRE movement

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Episode 59- Exploring the Personal Finance Crisis w/ Elizabeth White Who Was 55 & Faking Normal Share on X The keys to financial stability are: 1) living frugally; 2) saving as much as possible and as early as possible; and 3) constantly upgrading your job skills in the event of unexpected lay-off, which may happen several times in a… Share on X Come out of the shadows, get off your throne, find the bridge work to get you through the lean time. -@55fakingnormal Share on X It is very possible to be well educated but to be in economic freefall. -@55fakingnormal Share on X Episode 59- Exploring the Personal Finance Crisis w/ Elizabeth White Who Was 55 & Faking Normal Share on X The 3 legged retirement income stool (individual savings, pension and social security) is wobbly. -@55fakingnormal Share on X Many near-retirees are dependent on social security as THE retirement plan. And it wasn't meant to be that way. It's not meant to be the main source. -@55fakingnormal Share on X

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