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Episode 58- How To Live a Luxurious Life Without Sacrificing Your Financial Goals w/ Luxe Strategist

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Being on the journey to Financial Independence doesn’t always mean that you have to sacrifice the finer things in life. The Luxe Strategist, a personal finance blogger, is a 30-something New Yorker that saves half of her income and still enjoys the comfort of luxury items and deluxe travel.

Growing up as the child of low-income refugees, The Luxe Strategist knew struggle and hardship all too well. As an adult, she made the decision to paint her own picture of what it means to be financially savvy and successful. Today, The Luxe Strategist proudly boasts hefty savings, trips to places like Paris and Hawaii, sporting $400 sneakers, and she shares every bit of her personal finance journey on her blog, The Luxe Strategist.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What motivated her personal finance journey.
  • Her love for and “luxury”/nice things?
  • Having nice things and still being financially responsible
  • How to evaluate making luxury purchases
  • What puts her in the position to be able to make luxury purchases
  • How The Luxe Strategist resells clothes for extra income and how you can get started.
  • How she saved half of her income on less than 6-figures
  • How to find the threshold for saving as much as you can until it hurts (using paycheckcity and other methods)
  • How The Luxe Strategist saves money in an HCOL
  • Whether or not FI is a goal for her

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Episode 58- How To Live a Luxurious Life Without Sacrificing Your Financial Goals w/ Luxe Strategist Share on X Personal finance for people who like nice things. @luxe_strategist Share on X You want to save, but you also wouldn’t mind spending on luxuries that matter to you, and, despite what anyone says, these two things are NOT mutually exclusive. -@luxe_strategist Share on X

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3 Responses

  1. This episode was a little difficult for me to listen to. Not because of Jamila, but “Luxe” comes across as a bit flippant. I kept listening to see if there was something that I could maybe take away from it, but between all the “likes” in her speech (are we teenagers?) & talking about clothes & travel being her main priorities…she just wasn’t very relatable to me. I guess she has a niche corner of the online personal finance arena; but, this one misses the mark in my opinion. I commend Jamila for trying to find someone outside the traditional personal finance blogosphere if you will, but good Lord “Luxe” is hard to listen to without making me want to pull my hair out.

  2. Thank you for this interview. I appreciated hearing from Luxe, someone whose Twitter posts are very enjoyable. Luxe’s perspective is parallel to mine, i.e. so long as your savings goals are being met, you can spend the rest of your money however you want. It was a also a pleasure to hear from a woman-blogger who doesn’t fit the stereotype of the “white, male engineer.” I loved what she said about never having asked her employer for a raise – she simply found another position that paid more. I loved this because it meant that she never gave her employer the opportunity to say “No” to her request for more money. And I’m sure that each time she was successfully hired elsewhere, Luxe benefitted from the self-esteem boost. All in all, Luxe’s interview is one of the best that I’ve listened to in a long time. Much like Luxe, I’m trying to do my international travel now while I’m still able to do most things. I’ve also travelled with a parent, and I’ve watched as my parent and other seniors have had to decline certain activities or have been to tired/infirm to partake in options that they would have otherwise enjoyed. Thank you, Jamila, for interviewing Luxe and spreading her wisdom & advice!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this episode Camille. Luxe was really great and gave some tips on spending on the things you value

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