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Episode 57- Money Lessons From 4x Olympian Lauryn Williams

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Finding the perfect resource for sound financial advice can be a challenge for people from all walks of life. 4-time Olympian, 3-time Olympic medalist, Lauryn Williams understands this challenge completely. As the first American woman to medal in both the summer and winter games, she possessed the skills that led her to be a top class world class athlete but she didn’t always know how to manage her money and made some mistakes along the way. She sought the financial advice of loved ones and financial advisors but they were unable to provide the help that she needed.

In true Olympian fashion, Lauryn took matters into her own hands and worked hard to gain control of her finances. Using the skills and knowledge that she gained from earning her Finance degree and MBA, Lauryn decided to use her talents to help other athletes and young professionals.

Today, Lauryn has a Certified Financial Planning certification and has founded Worth Winning, a financial planning resource for young adults. Worth Winning offers virtual services to help young professionals get the answers to the financial questions that matter most to them.

This episode was recorded live at Podcast Movement 2018. At the end of the podcast, I give you a little of the behind-the-scenes of how I ended up speaking at Podcast Movement 2018 and my overall experience at the conference.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Lauryn’s background
  • How she became an Olympian at 20 years old
  • Her not so good experience working with financial advisors in her pro athlete career
  • The steps she took to get back in control of her finances
  • Why she decided to start her own financial planning firm plus so much more

At the end of the podcast, I also talk about the waitlist to the soft launch of my monthly membership program. Get monthly tips, tools, and classes to help you launch to Financial Freedom. Click here to sign up and be the first to be notified when the doors open in Summer/Fall 2018.

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