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Episode 56- Create Your Own Rich Journey To Financial Freedom w/ Amon & Christina Browning

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Talking about money can sometimes seem taboo, but not to Amon and Christina Browning. On their YouTube Channel, Our Rich Journey, they cover everything from earning to investing with the sole purpose of demystifying the concept of money to get everyone talking about it.

They joined the FI community to expand their knowledge of money and how it can work for them. On Our Rich Journey, they share their money successes and mistakes with their viewers to inspire others to become creative on their journey to Financial Freedom. Today, Amon and Christina currently work and live abroad in Japan with their two little girls and they travel around the world for practically nothing–mortgage-free.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why the Brownings decided to pursue Financial Independence
  • Their current financial picture and financial goals
  • Why they prioritize traveling and how they work it into their budget
  • Travel hacking tips
  • How they lived rent free and mortgage free for 10 years
  • Finding work abroad
  • Quick ways anyone can make extra money
  • When the Brownings will reach FI and their future life and financial goals

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