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Episode 54-How To Take Mini-Retirements & Enjoy Life Now w/ Carl Seidman

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Generally, the goal for most working Americans is to work with a company for several years and eventually retire to enjoy life and explore opportunities that you may not have while working full-time. Today’s guest, Carl Seidman explains the concept of  ‘mini-retirements’.

A mini-retirement is a lengthy break, months to years, from the normal course of everyday work life intended for personal development and creating new experiences. Carl’s ideas, much like the FIRE movement, challenge the traditional view of retirement and more importantly, his ideas challenge the way that we view career development.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The concepts of mini-retirements
  • Carl’s first retirement at 32
  • Carl’s blog post “Does a college degree matter”
  • The Mexican Fisherman story
  • How to fund mini-retirements and still fund your long-term retirement
  • The structure and planning involved in Carl’s mini-retirements
  • Things to consider before planning a mini-retirement
  • Carl’s goals
  • Carl’s thoughts on the FIRE community and early retirement

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