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Episode 47- Sylvia’s Journey To Paying Off 6 Figures of Law School Debt & Becoming Financially Independent

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Sylvia accrued six-figures of debt from law school and her life was greatly impacted by Hurricane Katrina while living in Louisiana. With discipline, determination, and the help of financial books such as Your Money or Your Life, Sylvia made the decision to take control of her personal finances. She took on a side-gig as a pizza delivery driver to bring in an extra $2,000 a month and adopted a frugal lifestyle to aggressively tackle her debt. Today, Sylvia has paid down a majority of her student loan debt, owns her own law firm, and is about 3 years away from Financial Independence.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sylvia’s story of how she accrued six-figures in debt
  • How she used a side-gig and a plan to pay off her student loans
  • How she managed her finances and saved without an actual budget
  • Why she continued to invest with a significant amount of debt
  • Her big move to Seattle
  • Her plans after retirement
  • Her current investments
  • The difference between a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and actual real estate investment
  • How her family has affected her decisions on the journey to financial independence

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I'm listening to Episode 47 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, Sylvia's Journey To Paying Off 6 Figures of Law School Debt & Becoming Financially Independent w/ Sylvia Hall Share on X Sylvia Hall became debt free by working as a lawyer by day and working at Dominos as a delivery driver by night. Share on X You should have fun and enjoy money but it should be in moderation. Share on X Becoming debt free and financially independent takes determining whether or not you want to apply your skills to your extra time to make extra money. Share on X

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  1. Excellent podcast…..starting my journey now! July 2018 85k in debt! No savings….Retired! I want to be debt free by 60 or at least have my credit back to 30%! I am sharing so that someone will notice when I return that my score has risen..dropped 100 pts.! No ones fault but, mine! I intend to correct the error and to Keep it Correct! Thank you for helping me FOCUS & SET GOALS to Accomplish! I shall let you know by Christmas where I am at! God Bless you Jamila Souffrant for helping me! @journeytolaunch

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