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Episode 46- How To Start and Run A Successful Side Hustle w/ Dr. Maria James

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Science and the experimental process have several parallels to the management of our personal finances. Dr. Maria James, also known as the Money Scientist™, spent more than 10 years in Finance while pursuing her degree in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Now she is applying some of the skills that she had learned in the science world to teaching business owners about finance.

During her time in college, she maximized her resources and developed side hustles that brought in an extra $10,000. Since moving away from science, she has developed  Pocket of Money and the Pocket of Money podcast to provide financial advice and resources for entrepreneurs and business owners.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to manage a full-time job and side hustle
  • How to turn a side-hustle into  a successful business
  • How science can be applied to money principles
  • Creating protocols to reach your financial goals
  • Tips for managing your side-hustle
  • Outsourcing and automation for productivity
  • How to plan for business expenses and consider the return on your investment
  • The benefits of networking and the proper way to find valuable connections
  • The difference between passive income and earned income
  • Creating Sales Funnels to bring in customers

At the end of the podcast, I also talk about the waitlist to the soft launch of my monthly membership program. Get monthly tips, tools, and classes to help you launch to Financial Freedom. Click here to sign up and be the first to be notified when the doors open in Summer/Fall 2018.

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I'm listening to Episode 46 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, How To Start and Run A Succesful Side Hustle w/ @DrMariaJames Click To Tweet Like in science, there is always a way to test and optimize what you are doing with your finances to do even better. -@DrMariaJames Click To Tweet Once you figure out your side hustle, you have to maximize the time that you have and find pockets of time to dedicate to your business. Click To Tweet Set regular business hours to set a business routine and to be more present with family. -@Dr.MariaJames Click To Tweet When outsourcing, consider the return on your investment Click To Tweet Generating revenue from your passion is not being 'salesy', it is earning income for providing a solution to a problem.-@Dr.MariaJames Click To Tweet


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