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Episode 41- How To Change Your Mindset, Habits & Beliefs To Reach Your Financial Goals W/ Jim Fortin

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There are many factors to consider on the journey to becoming wealthy but shifting your mindset is by far one of the most important. Several studies show that psychological factors have a tremendous effect on our behaviors, habits, and our ability to adapt to new circumstances.

Jim Fortin, the Subconscious Selling & High-Performance Expert, knows and understands what it means to shift your internal dominant thoughts to manifest the wealthy lifestyle that you desire. As a former foreign exchange day trader that fell on hard times, Jim is no stranger to poverty and the scarcity mindset. After losing nearly $1 million in one night, he sought after knowledge that went beyond motivational teachings such as hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which highlighted the power of the mind. Through the inspiration of his brother-in-law, a spiritualist, Jim has adopted the mindset that wealth starts in the mind. This is the premise behind his teachings and the knowledge that he shares with us on the show:

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Be, Do, Have Model
  • How having a scarcity mindset can be counterproductive while building wealth
  • Why Effort does not necessarily make you more money
  • Why your dominant thoughts are directly related to wealth
  • Changing your identity in relation to money
  • The Law of Attraction
  • How happiness relates to abundance
  • How Internal, Mindset Changes can affect your Income
  • Why Gratitude and Giving Helped Jim to Become Wealthy

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I'm listening to Episode 41 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, How To Change Your Mindset, Habits & Beliefs To Reach Your Financial Goals w/ @JimFortin Share on X We have to be wealthy in our mind first. Share on X Circumstantial happiness can affect our productivity in reaching our financial goals. Share on X The way to attract money is to hold the thought and feeling of already having money. -@JimFortin Share on X How you see yourself on the inside will be exactly how your outside world shows up. Share on X

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