Episode 4- 25 Ways To Improve Your Finances Right Now

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In this solo episode, I discuss 25 ways to improve your finances right now. This episode gives you 25 actual steps that you can take today in order to start making strides towards your financial goals. To make the list more manageable, select 2 -4 things you can do per day over the next few days.  

I also discuss the popular documentary What The Health which is out on Netflix and how making big changes to your health and finances can be overwhelming and how to push through what’s holding you back.

Some of the tips I discuss are:

  • Download and organize your banking and personal finance apps
  • Set aside time for a “Money Check-in”
  • Improve your financial circle of influence
  • Place more value on experiences, not things

Find the full list in the related blog post: 25 Ways To Improve Your Finances Right Now

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Journey To Launch Podcast: Episode 4

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Jamilia ? I really loved how you made the comparison between steps in becoming a vegan and steps on improving our finances. When you look at it that way and take anything in life a baby step at a time as you mentioned I feel the goal is much easier to stay the course and easier to attain. Trying to do it all at once I know for me it’s easy to give up. The list was really good.. my favorite don’t be too hard on ourselves. I feel you have to have this in tact to accomplish many of the suggested items on the list. Great show thank you for all you do ?

    1. Thanks so much Shauna. I’m really happy you enjoyed the episode and the podcast. Yes, it is very important to be forgiving of yourself and the past mistakes so that you an move on and do better!

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