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Episode 39- Your Money or Your Life: Transform Your Relationship With Money & Achieve Financial Independence W/ Vicki Robin

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Vicki Robins, the co-author of the very popular book, “Your Money or Your Life” has been one of the most influential visionaries of the Financial Independence movement.

In the late 1960’s, with the advice of the late Joe Dominguez, Vicki reached Financial Independence and together they began to teach their revolutionary methods all over the nation. Their workshops featured the famous 9 steps to reach Financial Independence and eventually, Vicki and Joe were approached to turn their teachings into the book that we know today, “Your Money or Your Life”.

The book went on to be wildly popular, encouraging people to fight against the weight of consumerism and become a New York Times bestseller. Vicki also made two appearances on the Oprah Show with Oprah declaring that the book “would change your life”. More than 25 years later, Vicki has written an updated version of the book for a new generation of people on the path to Financial Independence.

I’m so honored to have Vicki on the show to discuss:

  • How Vicki met the late co-author Joe Dominguez and how they worked to create the Financial Independence movement
  • How their book “Your Money or Your Life” came to fruition and became popular.
  • Why Vicki set out to create an updated version of the book
  • The importance of relationships and how they create community wealth
  • Why “freeing your mind” is the cornerstone of Financial Independence
  • The definition of the “Enough Point”
  • How to calculate your life energy and true hourly wage
  • What Vicki believes to be the most transformational steps of the 9 steps from the book
  • How Vicki believes the new version of “Your Money or Your Life” will impact the world in this new age
  • The bigger picture of systemic barriers in the United States that make achieving Financial Independence more difficult

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your money or your life book cover

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I'm listening to Episode 39 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, Transform Your Relationship With Money & Achieve Financial Independence w/ @vicki_robin Share on X Consumerism is considered to be one of the biggest problems on the planet. -@vicki_robin Share on X Our relationships are a form of currency. Money is not the only form of wealth. -@vicki_robin Share on X F.I. is Freeing your mind from the messages the consumer society feeds you. -@vicki_robin Share on X One of the ways to save a lot of money is to be grateful for what you have.-@vicki_robin Share on X


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