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Episode 36 -Everything You Need To Know About Your Student Loans & How To Get Rid Of Them W/ Robert Farrington

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Student loan debt is one of the biggest concerns of college graduates. Robert Farrington, a student loan debt expert, is helping readers from all over the nation to better understand the process of student loan repayment with his blog, The College Investor.

Robert was always passionate about investing and making money but when he identified a need amongst his peers to share more about student loans, he changed the course of his finance blog to educate borrowers. Robert was able to pay off more than $42,000 in student loan debt over the course of 3 years and he’s sharing his methods with college grads all over the nation to encourage them to do the same.

In fact, this month, he is working with others in the financial influencer community to inspire followers to collectively pay off $1 million or more of student loan debt. You can find more information about this movement in the links below.

(Also, YNAB, my favorite budgeting app is giving Journeyers a 2-month free trial, no credit card required to try their amazing budgeting system, check it out here!)

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The significance of paying an additional $100 on student loan debt
  • How earning more income is key to getting rid of debt
  • The importance of investing in your future while paying on student loan debt
  • Federal loan repayment and debt forgiveness programs
  • Student loan consolidation vs. refinancing
  • When it is appropriate to only make minimum payments and when to make extra payments
  • Things to consider while applying for student loans

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Episode 36 -Everything You Need To Know About Your Student Loans & How To Get Rid Of Them W/ Robert Farrington Click To Tweet If you can find an extra $50 to $100 a month to pay towards your student loans, start there and build over time. Click To Tweet When paying extra on student loans, every little bit helps because it stops interest from earning on the money. Click To Tweet Never borrow more than your first year's expected salary. @collegeinvestin Click To Tweet Student loan repayment doesn’t happen overnight. -@collegeinvestin Click To Tweet

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