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Episode 35 -The Power of Frugality & Simple Living To Reach Financial Independence w/ Mrs. Frugalwoods

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When it comes to saving, frugality is so more than just a habit, it’s a lifestyle choice. Liz Thames, affectionately known as Mrs. Frugalwoods, allowed a frugal lifestyle to help fuel her family toward Financial Independence and a simpler lifestyle in the woods of Vermont. Retired at 32, Liz and her husband made it a priority to make tough decisions on spending in order to save 70-80% of their income. She shares much of her wisdom on her blog, Frugalwoods, and we are delighted to have her be a part of this show. Their new book, Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Frugal Living Book is set for release and readers that pre-order by March 13, 2018, will receive a signed bookplate! Details are listed in the links below.

(Also, YNAB, my favorite budgeting app is giving Journeyers a 2-month free trial, no credit card required to try their amazing budgeting system, check it out here!)

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How frugality can simplify your life and catapult your savings goals
  • How important it is to consider what makes you happy in making savings/retirement plans
  • The simple formula for achieving Financial Independence
  • How to cut your expenses to achieve the lifestyle you desire
  • The significance of understanding the opportunity cost of the money that you are spending.
  • The importance of remaining mentally connected to your financial goals
  • How finding meaningful hobbies can help to keep you focused during the wait of finding Financial Independence
I'm listening to Episode 35 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, The Power of Frugality & Simple Living To Reach Financial Independence W/ @frugalwoods Share on X Income, expenses, and time is the simple formula for Financial Independence. -@frugalwoods Share on X Understand the power of leveraging your money rather than spending it. -@frugalwoods Share on X Insourcing reduces your dependence on money for the long-term. Share on X Frugality made @frugalwoods made more environmentally conscious, more happy, less stressed, and gave them back time. Share on X

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