Episode Number: 34

Episode 34 -Trade in Your 9-5 & Reach Financial Independence Through Stock Investing w/ Tela Holcomb

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Investing in stock can seem very intimidating but Tela Holcomb, the renowned stock investor has used swing trading as a vessel to help her create financial independence. More than 9 years ago, as a servicemember and single mom, a conversation about trading and early retirement inspired Tela to teach herself the skills necessary to replace her 9-5.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The difference between trading and long-term investing
  • How practice trading accounts prepare for real life stock trading
  • Tela’s 3 trading account system
  • How to buy stock
  • How to make a trading plan to manage gains and losses
  • How to manage the emotions that come with stock trading
  • Tela’s definitions of financial independence and financial freedom
  • Why you don’t have to be perfect to find success in stock trading.
I'm listening to Episode 34 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, Trade in Your 9-5 & Reach Financial Independence Through Stock Investing w @telaholcomb via @journeytolaunch Click To Tweet Stock investing allowed me to create a full-time income but still have my time back -@telaholcomb Click To Tweet How to buy stock: find a company, buy stock when you think it will go up on value, sell when you have a profit. Click To Tweet Dealing with emotions like greed can make you lose more than you gain. Click To Tweet If you have the ambition and drive to put in the time to learn stock trading, you can do it. -@telaholcomb Click To Tweet

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