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Episode 33-The Importance of Estate Planning for Long Term Wealth w/ Art Steele + How To Get Started

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Passing down generational wealth is extremely important. The best way to make sure that wealth is passed down for generations to come is through proper estate planning. Art Steele, Estate Planner and the podcaster behind The Legalese for Entrepreneurs Podcast, has an incredible story about how she came to choose her career and the epiphany that caused her to realize the significance of creating generational wealth within the black community.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Understanding the racial wealth gap
  • Why personal behavior cannot close the racial wealth gap
  • The significance of estate planning in the black community (and all communities)
  • How considering the “value of your life” helps with planning your estate
  • What having an estate plan involves
  • The legal documents required to make decisions for end of life care
  • The roles of a financial planner and an estate planner
  • The importance of leaving behind a will
  • How proper estate planning can benefit generations beyond your children
  • The significance of a trust with inheritance for children
  • How hiring an attorney for estate planning can save you money in the long run
I'm listening to Episode 33 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, The Importance of Estate Planning for Long Term Wealth w/ @artsteele_esq + How To Get Started via @journeytolaunch Share on X Personal behavior alone cannot close the racial wealth gap. -@artsteele_esq Share on X Passing wealth down is decreasing our dependency on the things that hurt us for generation after generation like student loans. -@artsteele_esq Share on X Even with medium to low income, it is even more important for you to pass down money to future generations. Share on X

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