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Episode 31- The Birthday Episode: My Previous Business Failures & 4 Life Lessons That Contribute to My Success

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It’s my birthday! So, this episode is going to be more personal, a solo episode where I want to talk about more of what’s led me to where I am today and the lessons I’ve learned throughout my 35 years of life that continue to contribute to my success. 

In this episode, I talk a bit about my previous failed business attempts from starting an online magazine to investing almost $22,000 in a vending machine business that ultimately did not succeed.

I’m also sharing key life lessons that have helped me thus far on my life journey and hope you can find some inspiration to help you on your path too.

I said that my word for this year was “Fearlessness” but it also is “Creation”. Never have I felt more inspired and filled with hope, nurturing and growing life within and all around me. I’m in a season of expansion and my dreams are literally coming true.

I couldn’t be more appreciative and happy with what is and what’s to come. Thank you for listening to the podcast which now has over 50,000 downloads! If you want to give me a bday gift, here are a few things you can do:

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I'm listening to Episode 31 of the #journeytolaunch podcast, The Birthday Episode: My Previous Business Failures & 4 Life Lessons That Contribute to My Success Share on X Happy Birthday Jamila of @journeytolaunch, check out the Journey To Launch podcast for amazing interviews, inspiration and tools to help you launch to Financial Freedom Share on X Every failure, disappointment and set back is literally a stepping stone to bigger successes Share on X You don't have the keep the bad hand you were dealt, demand a reshuffle or get up and go to another table Share on X If you can conceive it and you believe it, it's possible to achieve it Share on X

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4 Responses

  1. Happy belated birthday! Really enjoyed this episode since I feel like I can really relate. I also live in NYC and have a long drive to work. We also have 2 boys and with drop off and pick up…I only have about 2 hours for dinner and getting ready for bedtime. Afterwards, it’s tough to get much work done, plus it’s the only downtown where my wife and I can chat…but often we just pass out with kids =) Props to you for doing the podcast…while pregnant too! I guess I should stop making excuses.
    Also loved hearing about your previous ventures. My college friend and I also tried starting websites but got no where. I’ve thought about investing in vending machines…thought it sounds easy but I guess not, plus I don’t have the hustle that you have and likely wouldn’t even have gotten that hotel to place it. Actually I decided on long distance real estate investing instead…bought one property and hoping to buy more. That’s my focus right now.

    1. Hey Andrew! We have a lot in common and so you definitely understand the struggle especially with the commute and kids. The vending machine model is a good one, you just have to get them for a good price and it’s all about location. Real estate is a great investment so good luck on that front and congrats on seeking out ways to invest and build wealth. Many are afraid to even try.

    1. Thanks so much Violet! Appreciate the support and yes, even if you just start with one person, you’re making a difference

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