Episode Number: 30

Episode 30- Timika’s Journey To Financial Independence & Earning 6 Figures in Her Side Hustle

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If you’re looking for ways to increase your income so that you can reach your financial goals, starting a business has probably crossed your mind once or twice.  Not only will a business become an asset but it can become an integral step in helping you reach Financial Independence.

Timika Downes talks about her journey to starting a lice clinic as a side hustle in addition to working her full-time job as a nurse. Now, her lice clinic makes 6 figures a year and has afforded her a life of options and more freedom. This is an inspiring interview for anyone who wants to increase their income and start a side hustle.

Here are the main topics we cover in this episode:

  • Timika’s background
    • Her job
    • How she grew up frugal
    • The importance of saving
  • Her lightbulb moment
    • The methods she used to pay off debt quickly
    • How she became intentional about paying off debt
  • Her next step towards FI
    • Her mission to save as much as possible
    • How she decided what she wanted from life
    • Why FI is about having options
  • Her business
    • Her path to different businesses
    • How she started her lice clinic
    • How she built a business within her means
    • The importance of validating a business idea

Plus we talk about so much more!

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