Episode Number: 28

Episode 28- Finding The Right Balance Between Your Income & Expenses w/ the Paychecks & Balances Duo

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When developing a solid financial plan, it’s important to look at how you can generate the most income while being conscious of your spending. Marcus and Rich from the Paychecks and Balances podcast aim to help people look at both sides of their balance sheet, their income and their expenses.

I really enjoyed interviewing Marcus and Rich as we covered a variety of topics such as how to; negotiate pay raises, pay off debt and the importance of being able to enjoy yourself while on your financial journey.

This is a very informative yet light-hearted episode for those of us who want to accomplish our financial goals while not feeling guilty about spending on the things we value.

Here are the main topics we talked about in the episode:

  • Rich and Marcus
    • Their backstory
    • How they became more conscious of their money habits
    • The meaning of their podcast
  • Making the most of your paychecks
    • The importance of understanding where your money is going
    • Automating your savings
    • Negotiating your salary
  • How to negotiate your salary
    • Why people are afraid to negotiate
    • The importance of doing your research
    • Making the most of your company’s benefits
    • Using a cost of living calculator
  • Taking action
    • How to be proactive and not reactive
    • Why it’s better to start now rather than later
    • How to live the 80/20 lifestyle
    • Why it’s important to be responsible but also enjoy yourself
  • Being in debt
    • Marcus’ journey managing debt
    • Why the easiest part is making a plan
    • Making sure getting in debt is your choice
    • Rich’s story with debt
    • Why people want to be debt free
    • The difference between good and bad debt
    • Credit card debt vs student loan debt
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