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Episode 27- The Art Of The Side Hustle With Chris Guillebeau

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Chris Guillebeau is on a mission to help people start their own side hustles so that they can create more security, freedom and opportunities in their lives. Side Hustles are becoming more and more the norm nowadays as people look for a way to supplement their job with extra income. These hustles consist of building an asset with the purpose of providing some kind of return and benefit to a customer.

Chris is currently on a 100 city tour and gives regular talks on the process of creating side hustles for people who want some extra income but don’t want to quit their day job. He is an avid traveler and a successful entrepreneur with huge experience dealing with side-hustles.

I was honored to have Chris on the podcast to talk about his new book: ‘Side Hustle: From idea to income in 27 days’, his podcast Side Hustle School and his two-step process when starting a side-hustle: getting an idea and putting this idea into action.

We also talked a bit about MLMs and some mental blocks people have when starting a side hustle. An interesting and informative interview for those looking to increase their income with a side-hustle!

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Here are the main topics we talked in the episode

  • Chris’ introduction
    • His backstory
    • How he got started with side hustles
    • Why he focuses more on income than expenses
  • Why everyone should start a side hustle
    • Why it’s empowering 
    • Side hustles create freedom
    • The necessity of a side-hustle
  • The difference between a side hustler and an entrepreneur
    • Side hustles supplement a job
    • Side hustles are not about scaling and raising capital
    • The importance of the money, mindset and goals
  • Parts of starting a side hustle
    • The two parts: having an idea and taking action
    • Starter ideas and next level ideas
    • The gig economy
    • Examples of starter ideas
  • Side hustle blocks
    • Time and money
    • The minimal costs
    • The importance of planning and creating a process
  • The next step after having an idea
    • Understanding what form it will take
    • Analyzing your audience
    • Using your expertise
  • MLM’s
    • Being part of a supportive group
    • Why it’s better to create your own asset


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