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Episode 238- Bonus Episode- Learn to Trade as a Side Hustle

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Check out this bonus episode of the podcast, where I’m sharing a free training that I recorded w/ Teri on Learning to Trade as a Side Hustle.
In it, you’ll learn:
  • More about Teri Ijeoma & how she transitioned from her 9-5 to full time entrepreneur and traveling the world
  • How trading allowed Teri to buy her dream house in cash, reach Financial Independence and start a multi-million dollar business
  • The different types of trading; long term investing, short term investing, day trading, swing trading, etc
  • Trading as a form of income (to pay off debt, save, supplement income)
  • Who should take Teri’s Trade & Travel course & more
And don’t forget to register for Teri’s & I FREE LIVE class on October 27th at 8:30pm EST. You’ll learn even more about trading & how Teri made 1 million dollars in a day. Come prepared to take notes & ask questions! Click here to register.
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