Business, Podcast, and Life Updates - 4 Year Journey To Launch Anniversary Episode

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Episode 224-Business, Podcast, and Life Updates- 4 Year Journey To Launch Anniversary Episode

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You're listening to the Journey To Launch podcast, a four year anniversary episode. I'm sharing some personal updates, business updates-- all the tea tune in.

Welcome to the Journey To Launch Podcast with your host Jamila Souffrant. As a money expert who walks her talk, she helps brave Journeyers like you get out of debt, save, invest and build real walth. join her on the Journey To Launch to financial freedom in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Hey, hey, hey, Journeyers. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it. We have reached four years of the Journey To Launch Podcast. It's kind of insane. I almost missed this date, quite honestly. I'm actually right now recording this before I head off to Jamaica, like my flight is literally in a couple of hours. And so I was like, I have to record this solo- episode, or there will not be a solo-episode for this anniversary timeline that is coming up.

And so this episode will come out on July 21, which also happens to be my nine year anniversary with hubby. We've been married nine years. So by the time this comes out, I should be in Miami hopefully. So as you can see, I got a lot going on in July and in life. Okay, I got a lot going on. And so I wanted to record this whole episode in time. And that's the thing with podcasts. I am recording this early. So, so many things can happen between this recording and when this episode comes out. And so I'm doing my best to give you the latest and greatest of what's going on. So if you're totally new to the podcast, you know, like, Hey, this is not give me any money tips. This is not talking about financial independence. Well, I mean kind of does, it will. But if you're really looking for some real, more topic specific interviews, check out another episode. But you'll learn a lot about me by kind of just tuning into this solo-episode. And then for my OG Journeyers. I know you always love to hear updates. And I know I love hearing updates when people are in the just business owners or in the finance space. And they're sharing behind the scenes. Because that to me really is what gives you insight onto what people are doing that works, and what's successful, and you hear the real challenges behind life in balancing a business and all that I'm doing, so I hope you enjoy this episode.

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First of all, thank you. We have hit four years of the Journey To Launch Podcast. I was looking at Apple Podcasts. That's where I listen to all my podcasts, and the first episode dropped-- technically the first episode-- this was like a pre intro that I did-- was on July 6 2017. And then my first full episode came out July 25 2017. It's four years later, we have over 2 million downloads. I think the latest I checked was was 2.5 million, and you know that's no small feat for independent podcaster who literally-- I did not have anything major pushing me. Meaning like a major network. Or I was not well known in the space at all when I started. And I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of myself that I made it to four years. And I'm proud of you. Some of you have been listening from the very beginning. Some of you have been Journeyers from the very first episode, and even if you haven't, right, there's so many people, Journeyers now that listen, and they listen to maybe a recent episode, and then they go all the way back and start from 2017. And listen. And so I just just want to thank you for being on this journey with me, it has been quite a journey. You witness me, really start the podcast without knowing what I was doing. By the way, plot twist, I still don't know what I'm doing.

You saw me quit my job. You saw me interview my mom, my husband, most recently, my sisters. I've opened up my life in ways I didn't think that I would. And you've seen me grow as a business owner, you know, from making, I think the first time I shared my income for Journey To Launch-- well, this is before I even quit my job. Like I was making peanuts, I wasn't really making much money with Journey To Launch. But then like taking that leap. And I think the first year I shared I made like 80 something 000-- not me, Journey To Launch made 80 something 1000. And then the following year, almost more than doubling that. And then on track, actually, to double that again this year. So you've seen it all. And I really believe I could, I'm just beginning. Seriously, I feel like I just touched the tip of the iceberg on what's possible for me and what's possible for Journey To Launch.

So, I thought with this episode with this four year anniversary, other than thanking you for being on this ride with me, is to just give you some updates on what's been going on with me behind the scenes. So I have a list. And I hope I don't have to edit any of this out if things change. I'm so superstitious sometimes like I don't even like talking about things until it's like done, you know, like some people will say and celebrate before things are done. And I know that's actually a good quality to have, because you can enjoy the moment and the moment of things unfolding. I get a little hesitant because I'm just like, Wait, let me make sure the ink is dry. Let me make sure it's actually happening. Because anything can happen. You know, I'm kind of superstitious like that. But, we're gonna roll with it, and I'm going to share all the goods. So I first wanted to start out with business updates. Things have been really good for Journey To Launch and myself in 2021. And I had to make a few tough decisions. One of them I'm going to share with you right now. And I've already shared this with the people in the Launch Club. They know this, is not the first time they're hearing this. But this is for people who have not been in a Launch Club, but have heard me talk about the Launch Club for the last, what is it three years. But I did make the decision to shut down the Money Launch Club. Like it's crazy even saying this on the podcast. I told the members already in a group call and we're in the process of shutting it down. It will be officially closed at the end of August of this year. And I want to just talk a little bit about why I chose to do it. kind of how I came to this decision, and how hard it was for me to do this.

So first, what is the Money Launch Club, because this may be your first time hearing about it. But the Money Launch Club was the membership community that I created for Journeyers, for listeners of the podcast for, people who wanted to achieve financial independence, and you love the podcast, but that wasn't enough, you needed guidance, support, community. And so I had this vision that I would create this online membership where people can come together to take that next level with their money and community in this movement and Journey To Launch. And for the time that the Money Launch Club was running. It was great. I mean, there are members that join at the first first beta launch meaning, before I even put it out to the public. I sent an email to my little list, maybe probably had like 500 500 people on it and said, "Hey, I'm starting this thing do you want to join?" And people said "Yes". And so there have been people who have been in the Money Launch Club from the very beginning and got that special rate. I remember I started the Money Launch Club at $9.99 per month. And then I eventually got the, the guts to raise it a bit more each, every couple months or every six months and, it finally did end at about $24.99 per month was the cost or the investment to enter the club. And let me tell you a little bit about why I decided to shut it down. So with joining salons, I have basically tried everything in terms of direct offerings to you, listeners of the podcast, the community-- meaning something that will serve you, I can sell, you that also helps keep Journey To Launch running, and makes me money on quite honestly right. I've tried almost everything I've tried high ticket coaching offers where they were a few is a couple $1,000 to like join a very small group coaching cohort. I've tried smaller, like ebook offers. I've tried courses. I mean, I still have a course EFI course and, memberships and probably some of the things I just can't remember right now. But I thought the membership was a good model for me, because I thought it was a low commitment in terms of investment for someone to join, you know, and memberships-- this is how they work, they work at scale, depending on the price of the membership. So if you have a membership that is lower priced, or, quote unquote, cheaper, you know, meaning maybe like $30 or less. For that to work, you need a lot of members, right? And there are people with higher price memberships, I'm a part of some of those memberships, where they're like, maybe a couple $100 a month, right? And so the less that you're charging per month, per member, the more you need at scale to make a membership work. Because, let's just say, you know, you're charging $24.99 per month, per member. And I also had an annual option with Journey To Launch, you have $24.99 a month, you get 100 members, which is great. That's $24.99 a month, which is okay, but you got to remember that there are a costs to running a membership. There's the platform, there is the speaker fee, like so in for me for my membership, I had a speaker come in every month. I would host monthly group coaching calls, I actually had to hire community managers to help me with it. So, if you're not at scale, with a membership, that's low cost, it can quickly become something that actually is not generating any profits for your business. And so I struggled for a long time to scale and to grow the Money Launch Club.

Now, I had, and we had a lot of great members inside, but with any membership, people would cancel and as they shouldn't and have the right to, and I was definitely one of those people like, "Cancel, you don't even need to give me a reason. If It's not for you, It's not for you." Or maybe you've gotten what you needed from it, and you just need to cancel, right? And so you have this churn rate with members that they leave. And so it's this constant thing of having to launch and open doors to memberships to get more people in. And I find myself in that kind of treadmill of trying to get more members in, trying to sell a membership, which I thought was very reasonably priced. But it was just hard for some people to take the leap maybe into purchasing a membership. In regards to when it comes to money. But I struggled a long time with how to make it more profitable, how to dedicate more time to it and grow it to what I wanted it to be. And for a long time, it felt really heavy. Like it felt like it was out of alignment with what I really wanted to do. And I saw the people with memberships in the space, they were doing really well. Some people had higher price memberships, some people had lower, but and they were scaling and they're making money. And you know, I really had to come to grips that even if this was making more money, would I still want to do this? And, my honest answer was no. In the format that the membership currently is in. And so I started to feel a lot of dread and anxiety honestly around launching and opening doors to the membership. I felt like under pressure and mostly it from myself, because it just felt heavy. It felt like something that I just didn't want to do. But I showed up every month, we had group coaching calls, I created programming, I hired the people I needed to hire to help me run it. No, we were still doing what we needed. And if you talk to any member, I hope that's even listening. Like MLC crew, like they would say they had an amazing experience. But I remember bringing in my sister Shaina, she was helping me as the Community Manager for the Money Launch Club. I remember bringing her in last summer with the idea that, "I think we may need to shut this down. Will you help me figure that out?" And of course, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Because I kept thinking, "why can't I make this work? Why can't I make this feel better? How can I make this feel lighter?" Right? That its not so heavy. And I just couldn't figure out a way to make that work. There was so many other things I wanted to focus on and do, and when I had to pull away from creating content, working on some of the exciting partnerships that I will share with you in a bit. I couldn't do that, because then we had to focus on "Okay, when are we launching and opening doors for the club again, like, when are we creating a content schedule for the club?"

My attention was split. And so, even though I Shaina brought in over a year ago to talk maybe about closing the membership, we never did. We kept on truckin' along, because I thought, "Why can I make this work? Other people are making it work. Other people who have personal finance businesses and memberships are making it work, stick it out, stick it out." And I started to realize that this was becoming more of a job. It felt more like what I left behind in my corporate career. Like I literally left corporate America because I wanted to have options. I wanted to do what I loved. And I quickly found that I was creating something in my business that I didn't love. I love the members. I love you guys, but I didn't love the model of it. And it's not to say that I won't have a membership again or the Money Launch Club may not have a revival. But in the space and place that I am in, It felt too heavy. I wasn't happy. doing it. And if I'm not happy, quite honestly, I can't produce the best content. I can't produce what I believe you come here to listen to the podcast for and follow me for. Like, I want to be at my best so that I can give you my best, and not do it from a place of lack.

And so it was very hard. Oh my gosh, if you're in the Money Launch Club, you do not have not watched that video. So on one of the group coaching calls at the end, I did share it, and I did, which is so unlike me, start crying, because it was over a year of build up, of the feelings, and it was-- in that, I felt sad, you know, like, "Am I doing the right thing?" It's not that this wasn't making money, and there's no potential. Of course there is. There's so many people in the club that oh my gosh, the OGs that show up to every single event, for the most part. There's so many of them. And I felt bad, it felt like I was, you know, leaving them or giving up. And because I'm so committed to my word, I'm one of those people, if I say I'm going to do something, try to do it to my best ability. It really felt like I was failing. But then I realized that I wanted to model and live the things that I'm telling you to live. And there are probably things right now that you're doing, because you feel more out of obligation to do it. You are not happy doing it. You're doing it for other people more than yourself. And it's not even helping these people that you want to help, because ultimately, people want you to get from a full cup and a happy cup. And I thought to myself, "Well, maybe this is a lesson, one for me that it's okay to let things go. And it doesn't mean that it's ending forever. But for now, for you to do other things, better things, bigger things that will then in turn, help your community, help Journeyers. Help the people ultimately in the Money Launch Club, who were once members, you have to let this go." And so it was very hard. If you are in the Money Launch Club, and you did not watch that video, it's posted in the Launch Club, we are keeping that video up until the membership officially shuts down, for now. But I just wanted to share that with you. Because it felt like, "Wow, here, you know, you're closing something, you're giving up on something." And then I had to flip it and realize that I'm not giving up on something. I'm actually giving up on something heavy. That if I clip can allow me to fly and allow me to do more. So, while it was very emotional, and I'm still kind of coming to terms with it myself, I wanted to share that with you-- the wider Journey To Launch audience that for now, the Money Launch Club is no more. We still are having events and our coaching calls, and we're going to the end. I have some cool things planned for the rest of the time that we have together with the Money Launch Club Members. But it was definitely a big part. Like it was like the one of the hardest decisions I've made so far in my business. And so if you are right now facing something similar, whether in business or personal life, like real talk, I felt like it was like a relationship almost like a like a decent relationship where you know, you're with someone, but you're not completely happy. And you see other people complaining about their partners or happy with the partners. And you're like, "Well, here I am with this thing. It has potential. Why can I make this work?!" but still sticking around and giving it time, you know, like years, and it's still not working and then waking up one day, 20/30 years later, realizing that you have let your life pass by because you have not lived in your truth and haven't been honest with your partner. And so I really thought of it like that with the membership. And by the way, all the Launch Club Members, most of them were very supportive, oh my god, we all were crying on the call. And they were so supportive. So, I just know that there are more things to come with me and Journey To Launch now that I have just the clearer mind. And this has been lifted off of me as a responsibility. And I can now just further dig deeper into the things that I want to do with Journey To Launch, and with myself. So that is update number one: The closing of the Money Launch Club.

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Another update I have, which I am-- really it's a full circle moment. There's so many full circle moments. I mean, is it full circle if the circle never ends? Because I feel like this is only the beginning still. But I recently announced that I am going to be speaking at FinCon as a Big Idea Speaker. Let me tell you something. I have been to FinCon-- my first FinCon was actually in 2017. My first FinCon, I even did a podcast episode about it. I think it was actually Episode 17, if you want to go all the way back and listen to my recap. And I talked about going to FinCon and by the way, FinCon for those of you who are like, "What is that Jamila? We're not like in this personal finance space that you're in... what are you talking about?" FinCon is a conference for personal finance creators. So whether you're a blogger, writer, podcaster, you have something that serving in the space of money content, or business, or product, FinCon is the place to be. And so, I went to FinCon for the first time in 2017. And had an amazing experience. I think I went back a couple times since 2017. And I remember going and the podcast was is really, it was it was early back then, because I think I only had maybe less than 10 episodes when I went-- or maybe a little more. But I got to meet some of the guests that I had on the show in person. I got to meet the people I used to listen to on my commute to work, right? So the people that I was listening to, and, or the bloggers that I read, and people I followed on Instagram. Like I saw them in person. And I always say that going to FinCon really changed the trajectory of my career with Journey To Launch in my life, because I made in-person connections, and walked away with so many great ideas that really put Journey To Launch and myself on the map, honestly. So, I always like give it up to FinCon as like that space that was that was able to bring together all these creators and these people to create this energy. And I would sit in the audience when they had their speakers and their Big Idea Speakers. So they typically have a Keynote, you know, the person that does the big speech, they usually have maybe one or two of those. And then they have Big Idea Speakers, so they tap people who are in the community who can give a speech, and they usually maybe have two, maybe three people do that. And I remember sitting and thinking when I was watching any of these people on stage, like, "Wow, I want to be there one day!" which was so bold for me to think, because when I went to the first FinCon, like I didn't, I mean, there was there 1000s of people that come to FinCon or conferences like that, who have the same goal and want to kind of make it make their dreams come true. And of course, some people would like end up not doing anything and end up quitting their business and just kind of doing something else. And so here I am, sitting in the audience looking at these speakers and thinking to myself, I want to be there one day. And I remember, you know, going to a couple more FinCons after that. I didn't go last year, you know, pandemic and all that. But I said to myself, you know, I think for now I need to just put my head down and do the work. I've always been like that, like, I'm going to do the work, where I'm going to want like you're going to want me on your stage. That's kind of like how I think. I'm like one day you're going to ask me to be on your stage. I don't even have to ask anyone. You're going to come to me. And that's kind of how I operate. It's like, okay, maybe you don't know my name now. Maybe the idols quote, unquote, that I look to, listen to, don't know me yet. But you're gonna know me, right? That's kind of like my attitude with things. That I'm just gonna do the work, I'm gonna do the work until you can't even ignore me, because I'll be everywhere. And so, I had no real plans to go to FinCon this year again, honestly. I was like, put my head down and do the work. But I got an email that said, "Hey, do you want to be a Big Idea Speaker? Your name keeps coming up in the community as someone people would like to hear from?" And I said to myself, "Wow, yeah. Yeah, let's do this!"

This was something that was on my goal list. This was something I did envision and want. And here I am, I have this opportunity to take the stage. And so I will be taking this stage as a Big Idea Speaker at Austin at FinCon in 2021. And so they have virtual tickets and in-person tickets. So I know some people are not comfortable traveling yet. Some people are I'm fully vaccinated, so I'll be there. But you can join me if you have bought tickets yet go to That's And then, if you use the code "FCJourney5,' you get $5 off your ticket. So you can either join me for virtually, or in-person in Austin, I'm going to be taking the stage. I have not decided on my topic. I have so many topics I want to discuss. But I want to make sure it's a really good one. But I'm really excited about this. And I can't wait to see you guys at FinCon, or at least talk to you more about the experience. So that's another update.

So now we're going to the next update: I am writing a book, but I'm not at that stage of writing the book yet. So I've been talking a little bit about this over the last few months. That I put the intention out there, I want to write a book. But I do I want to do it the traditional publishing way, which takes a while. It's a process. There's so many levels and layers to it, and it can take years to get a book out into the world. And so I'm at the stage now where I'm working on my proposal. So let me just quickly walk you through if you're not familiar with the book publishing world, the traditional one. So typically, with nonfiction books, you write a proposal. You have a proposal, and you now then shop for a literary agent, if you don't have one already. And that can take a while, right? So to get an agent, they have to love your work, love you, because they're going to be fighting to get your publisher to take a look at your work. And then the literary agent only gets paid if you get a book deal. So you write your proposal, you secure a literary agent that is going to get you, that's going to fight for you. That agent then, sends out your proposal to publishing houses that they have connections with or that they don't, but they send out your proposal, and hopefully you have publishers who are interested in you. And if it goes really well, you get publishers who will go into a bidding war over your proposal. And that helps you with a bigger book deal. And, guys, I'm not even done. That's just the first part of this, the book writing or book publishing process. So, let's just say you get a publisher, you get multiple deals, hopefully you select one. Select the publisher, now you can begin, one after the contract is secured, you can begin writing a book. That can take, depending on the publisher schedule, months. There are some people I know who have signed deals last year, and the books are not coming out until 2023, because it takes that much time. Depending on the cycle, or the type of book you have, to write the book to edit the book. And then to get it into production. I'm at the very beginning, as you can see, like, there are like 20 steps, I am at step one. I am at step one of writing the proposal. But I feel very, I feel very hopeful, because I've already had publishing houses reached out to me and ask if I want to write a book. And I had people who are ready and willing to introduce me to the agents. I have agents that have already reached out to me. So for me, it's really a matter of creating a really good and solid proposal. A book that I want to write. Like, I don't want to write a book "just because," I want to write a book that is impactful, that captures the essence of what you hear on this podcast, that shares my story. Because here's the thing, I know not everyone listens to podcast. I know you don't listen to every podcast I put out. And then you may have friends and family that are not into podcasts, but you want them to get on the Journey To Launch train, meaning the financial independence train. You want them to learn about getting freedom from where they are. And so books are just more accessible. They live on forever. You know, I've always considered myself someone who loved reading, especially when I was younger. I read so much, and thought I'd one day be a writer. And so, I, it's a dream of mine to have this happen. And so I feel like I'm getting so many confirmations that, that it is going to happen. And I'm excited to share more of that journey with you. I'm really in the beginning stages of it. But it's so promising. And I'm so excited about what this looks like in the future. So stay tuned. I will keep updating you as I get more updates, as I finish the proposal, as I'm shopping for an agent, a literary agent, I'll share that all with you.

Okay, have more updates business-wise for Journey To Launch. I do have a couple like major deals in the works. Some of them I really can't say. I hate when people do that. You know, like, "I have something, but I can't say," I'm gonna do that to you right now, sorry, because nothing sign yet. But these are the type of deals that will change my life. Meaning it will position me even more as a thought leader in this space and provides more security, financially. So I'm really excited about it. And I hope that by the time this episode comes out, I can share more details. So maybe just follow me on Instagram. That's where I typically make announcements, and make sure you're on my newsletter. So I typically, for people who find out things first usually on my newsletter, or I share it on social media. So if you want to join my newsletter and you have not yet you can go to, that should take you to like a general opt-in page, or make sure you're following me on my social media. I'm mostly on Instagram @journeytolaunch and then I play around a bit on my personal brand account @JamilaSouffrant. So stay tuned. And maybe you'll see more announcements.

The last couple things I'll just quickly mention is numbers! So, business numbers. I have been sharing my income numbers for the past couple of years, because I've always been inspired when other people have done this, you know, shared, "Oh, I made, you know, $30,000 this year, and next year, I'm on track to make X amount," I find that sharing the numbers are helpful. I don't know how often or how much more I will share the actual numbers, because for me, it just becomes a level of being comfortable. And, and I don't know how much more comfortable I'll be. But I do want to share the trajectory of how Journey To Launch is doing, because I think it provides, hopefully, inspiration for you. Your business journey, if you are a business owner, or entrepreneur, or you're thinking about it, because literally like I started at zero, and I am on track for 2021 to double my revenue again from last year. And when I say my revenue, Journey To Launch revenue, not Jamila's take home revenue... not yet at least. But, I'm excited about that, because we're only six months-- about halfway into the year. And, if all goes well, if I can double business revenue. And by the way, that is not my goal to keep doubling revenue. I am totally fine with sustained growth. I don't want to actually grow that fast. I'm just growing at this pace God wants me to at this point, which feels like he wants me to go, go and go. But, it's really about creating a sustainable revenue model. A way in which I am making money and serving you. So I am making money. Jamila Souffrant is able to feed her children, all three of them, all 100 of them. You know my three little babies, to live a life where I feel comfortable, needed. The last thing I always say this, the last thing I want to do is tell you to go be free, and wealthy, and financially independent, and live your best life ask for your coins. And here I am: Sruggling. We can't do that. Why would you even believe anything I'm saying If you can't see me also living a life of intention, and abundance, and wealth? And to me while it does not look like you know, having the nicest things, it just means like the continual ability to choose. Like to to choose to close the membership, right knowing that yeah, it made money last year, it's making money this year. But it's just not something that feels good. And I remember when I made the announcement that I was quitting my job on this podcast, I forgot the exact episode, I'll link in the shownotes. But I said to myself, when I was preparing to take the leap, I said to myself on that podcast episode, the one thing that I wanted to continue to do, because I had my corporate job when I was doing Journey To Launch, and that made it so much easier. Because I said to myself, "Well, I'm under no pressure to make money. I'm under no pressure to sell you anything, If I don't, you know if it does, if it's not right, or partner with anything that I don't feel comfortable with, I can say no." And I always wanted to maintain that autonomy, that level of power, so that I knew that I was only doing things that were in alignment and that we're good for you, as my listeners and Journeyers, and for me. And I want to be able to keep that. Like that is the goal. And so, even with the Money Launch Club, yes, it was making money, and it could have definitely made more. But that wasn't the reason why I wanted to keep it and that's, that will never be a reason that I will do anything as for just the money. But be clear. Money is important to me, it's important to my family, and having more of it honestly helps Journey To Launch grow, obviously, because the more money I have, the more people I can employ. I don't have any full time employees yet. But that is something on the to-do list potentially in the future. And to be able to support other people, to be able to deliver more, better content. I'm excited about that. And so the fact that Journey To Launch continues to grow, and I can actually turn down, like I literally can turn down opportunities that just don't fit. I don't feel are right. Or maybe there's something that is in the works, right? If something, some deals fall through that are in the works right now, I'll be okay. I won't be devastated. I'm not hanging on a thread. And that feels so good. That means, you know, Journey To Launch, from what I understand, will be around at least for another couple years. I'm not. I'm not just running on a wish and a prayer. So, I continue to grow and make decisions in terms of revenue and how I make money, which maybe can be another whole podcast episode. That also serves you, but also serves me, so I'm happy about that. Alright, that's my business stuff.

The only other thing is the podcast. You know, this is my major, major way to deliver you content. Every week for the past four years I have put out an episode. I don't even think, I think I repeated one episode, The Black Tax episode with Shawn Rochester. I think that's been the only time I repeated the episode on a Wednesday, but for the past four years, you've gotten a new episode every Wednesday. And that might not be the case going forward. I might do some re-runs, 'cause your girl may need a break one day. Hello!? But I'm consistent if you have not realized, and I know consistent, and persistence breeds success, which is why I do this and I'm on kind of like this track, but it also feels good. It's always felt good to do the podcast. And so the podcast, for me, the priority here is to grow it, to continue to grow it. We have over 2 million downloads, and I'm excited about that. So independent podcaster. That's big. I mean, I just pulled up my podcasting hopes. It's about a 2.6 million. Yay! But honestly, it can be better. It can be better. It's not to discount where it is. But I mean, there can be more people hearing about this. And so I always say, if you are listening to this, make sure you're following the podcast or subscribe. That means you won't miss an episode, especially on Apple Podcasts. And if you don't have to listen on Apple Podcasts, or Spotify, there's Google Podcasts, there's my website... it's just that make sure you are continually locked-in, so that you don't miss it. That helps with a download, and that you're sharing the episodes of your family and friends. That matters a lot.

I am considering joining a network, meaning someone who can help get the podcast to more people, like a distribution channel. So, tell you more about that as I discover that, but I realized that the podcast is my jam. And for Journey To Launch to grow. It's really yes, word of mouth has been amazing, that's how I've grown this much since I started. But it's time to also level-up, and have more of the world hear it. So, just keep in tune on how that's gonna unfold. But if you want to help me and to continue to help Journey To Launch grow, the best thing you can do is continue to listen. Make sure you're following or subscribed, leave that review, and then tell your family and friends about it. Post about it onto your social media. Take that screenshot, tag me, I always love resharing that. And that's how you can help me. All right. Oh, my gosh, that was my business updates for now.

I'm going to do some more personal updates now, because listen, there's a person, I'm real person behind the mic. I have a life and I have feelings, and kids and responsibilities. And this all impacts how I show up with Journey To Launch. I'm so intertwined now, which, you know, before when I worked in corporate America was so separate, like, I couldn't bring my whole self to work. I couldn't really be me 100%. And with Journey To Launch, it's like I, I amJourney To Launch. Eventually, one day, I do want to not be the face of Journey To Launch, but I am right now. And so the personal stuff matters. So a couple of personal updates. You know, I had a very emotional last couple days. Because if you've been listening to this podcast for a bit, you know that I have three kids. And they're pretty young. Seven, five, and three, they all just had birthdays. And I had help though. So in the house, I had help. My Aunt, my wonderful aunt, was here helping us, which allowed me-- when you guys ask me, "How do you do all of this? How do you know go for runs in the middle of the day?" And it's like, cuz I had help, you know, real talk. And you know, my Aunt, because the kids are all getting to the school age, they'll all be in school In September. It was like that time where she wanted to move on we wanted like it was just that time, right? It was not going to be the situation forever. And she actually did leave. And I'm It's so scary, because she's been living with us and helping us since my first baby was six months old. And so here we are, like six and a half years later. And I'm scared, I'm really scared. How I'm gonna manage this all? I know, at the end of the day, I was super lucky, we were super lucky to have her. But it's still like, there was that safety net, you know, like that safety net that now it's like, just us and it doesn't mean like, we may not have other help, hopefully. But it's scary to know that it's just gonna be us and it's not gonna be as "Oh, I can just go run," like, my schedule is gonna have to look a little bit different. And so that's been scary.

I know we're gonna navigate and get through it. Hopefully things are back to normal in the fall and the kids are able to all be in school consistently. But uh, yeah, that's gonna be a thing. And it's a big adjustment. Because not only will we miss her, right, just miss her in general, but it's just not having that, that safety net is going to be a change for our family, of course. And then the kids like in us missing her is like another thing on top of that. With that though, we had a basement apartment, or place that she was able to live. And so we're getting that back in a way in which we want to hopefully, redo the space and maybe I can get an actual office. Lord knows I need one because right now I'm recording like in the middle of the kitchen, like my husband probably wants to come in and do the dishes or do something and I'm like, stay over there. So I need like my own space. So you know, hopefully, one of the things that I want to invest in is doing the basement over to make it more functional, make it another part of our home that we actually enjoy and can use. We actually had plans to potentially do our backyard, and I think the office or the downstairs area will take-- is more of an important at this point. So maybe the backyard project will wait. But I'm excited about that. Unfolding that and having another space that I can really be in and run my $100,000 business from. One day million dollar business from.

Also-- so, I told you at the beginning of this, when this comes out, I'll be celebrating my nine year wedding anniversary with my husband, our anniversary is July 21. So we will be in Miami. We booked the trip already. So, hopefully, if you go to my Jamila Souffrant, Instagram, we will be on a beach. Miami Beach, or somewhere in a hotel. And I'm excited, because we have not obviously went away, or have been together in this way in such a long time. Especially because of the pandemic. We're both vaccinated. And so we're just like, "Look, you know, if

we can get someone to help us with our a million kids, let's go do this. Let's do this for ourselves!" And typically when, when we were traveling, it was very budget. Like, we stayed at the most budget-friendly places. And we are spending the most I've ever spent on the hotel for this anniversary trip. So I'm excited about that experience and indulging. And like I said, I'm actually recording this before I need to go leave for my flight to Jamaica. My brother is getting married. So I'm really excited to go see my siblings in Jamaica and my family that I haven't seen in such a long time. And so it really feels indulgent, because I'm leaving like twice in the month of July to go away, which is like "Who do I think I am?" And I have so much business stuff going on. But I'm juggling it, I'm figuring it out. I hope you are figuring out too. What other choice do we have, Journeyers, right?

We can do this. Life is gonna throw things at us that are not going to be expected. But we will adapt. You're a Journeyer, you will chart your course of action. And if it needs to change, it will change. But I know, as same as I know for myself, that things unfold and happen for a reason. So I'm excited to share all these updates with you. If you want to keep up with what's going on, don't forget to follow me on Instagram. I mostly hang out @journeytolaunch and @jamilasouffrant. Make sure you're following, or you're subscribed to the podcast so you do not miss an episode. I have so many cool, amazing episodes coming out over the next few weeks. And then join my newsletter at And yay to four years of the podcast. I appreciate you thank you for helping me get to over 2.5 million downloads so far, and we are just beginning. Okay, Journeyers, we're just beginning! And so continue to share the podcast, continue to tell your family and friends about the podcast. Maybe there's an episode that really stuck with you, or something that you want to share with someone. Share that, share the knowledge and wealth! Don't be greedy. Alright, until next week. Keep on Journeying Journeyers.

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In this episode of the Journey To Launch Podcast, I’m diving into exciting, new updates. It’s been 4 years since I started the Journey To Launch podcast. I didn’t have a huge audience and was fairly new in the personal finance space but I had something to share with the world. I’m so glad I took a chance on myself. Now the podcast has over 2.5 million downloads and has been featured by the NY Times.

Throughout the last 4 years, you’ve watched me quit corporate America, grow my own business, and raise my kids– all while going through the inevitable ups and downs of life. 

Tune in to hear about a few learning moments from my entrepreneur career, goals I’ve met, as well as life-changing moves coming down the road. You won’t want to miss this episode 

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Where I’m at with my book-writing journey 
  • Why I decided to close Money Launch Club and how that decision will change the trajectory of Journey To Launch
  • What I’m up to in September in Austin, Texas
  • The big change happening inside my family
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