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Episode 22- How Investing In Yourself & Starting A Business Can Lead To Financial Success w/ Bola From Clever Girl Finance

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Bola Sokunbi of Clever Girl Finance is on today’s podcast sharing how investing in herself and starting her own business led her to the path of Financial Freedom. Bola is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, an expert on everything money and founder/CEO of Clever Girl Finance, a website, and business to help women manage their finances to talk about just that. 

The talk I had with Bola was very inspiring, especially since I’d one day like to turn Journey To Launch into my full-time business. In this episode, we talked about the mindset involved when starting a business, the money management strategies and the sacrifices one has to be willing to take. We also discuss Bola’s own financial journey and why she is so dedicated to helping women take control of their finances. This is a very informative episode for anyone thinking of starting up a business and who needs a bit of advice on budgeting, debt and overall money management.

Here are the main topics we talk about in the episode: 

  • Introduction to Clever Girl Finance
    • Why Bola focuses on financial wellness for women
    • How she helps women get to the point where they feel financially successful
  • Bola’s story with money
    • The great influence her parents had on her with money
    • How moving to America affected her financial habits
    • How she decided to do something that mattered and started a business
  • The beginnings of Clever Girl Finance
    • The sacrifices she had to make to start her own business
    • How making a plan helped her manage her business well
    • The importance of taking your business seriously
    • The change of mindset that comes with investing in your own business
  • The business mindset
    • How to plan for different possible outcomes
    • The benefits of investing in yourself and your business
    • Why you should have a clear business plan
    • What it means to put hard work into your business
    • Why you should find a support system with like-minded people
  • Managing money in a business
    • The importance of having a solid strategy when taking on debt
    • Sometimes it’s better to suck it up and first pay off your debt
    • Budget your business like you budget your personal life
  • How Bola personally manages her money
    • How she designs her life around the lifestyle she wants
    • How to balance your goals with your current situation
    • Determining what a good life means to you


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