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Episode 21- The 7 Steps To Wealth W/ Hilary The Profit Boss

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Today’s podcast is an interview with the amazing Hilary Hendershott. Featured in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, she is a Certified Financial Planner and podcaster who advises women when it comes to managing their finances.

It was my pleasure to interview Hilary because I’m a big fan of her podcast, Profit Boss Radio and she really knows her stuff as you’ll be able to hear in the interview.

Here are the main topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Hillary’s financial troubles
    • Her personal financial struggles even as a Financial Planner
    • How she changed her behavior from pretending to be rich to being open about her money issues
    • The importance of having the right mentality
    • What financial integrity really means
    • How she became responsible for her own financial future
  • Her work with women and finance
    • The reasons people outside the personal finance world struggle with finance
    • Why the money conversation isn’t happening where women are
    • The importance of taking control of your finances
  • The 7 steps to wealth
    • Hillary’s 7 steps to wealth, from having the right mindset to learning how to ask for what you want and need
    • Why these are the building blocks of wealth
  • Certified Financial Planners (CFP)
    • What is a CFP?
    • What to watch out for when hiring a CFP
    • At which point you should you get professional financial advice
  • The Mindset
    • What is a money operating mindset
    • Why you should get rid of the ‘I can’t afford that’ thought
    • How to use the power of words to change your mindset


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