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Episode 16- How Single Mom Naseema Went From Broke To Paying Off $300,000 in Debt

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As a single mom, Naseema McElroy has a fascinating financial journey story. She went from owning 5 properties to losing it all in the real estate crash to pursuing a career in nursing. Eventually, her nursing degree allowed her to secure a high paying job but she was in tons of debt and still broke.

In this interview with Naseema, we discuss how she was able to forge on in the midst of financial hardships, divorce and becoming a single mom. Her drive and resilience allowed her to bounce back from her setbacks and pay off $300,000 in debt in 2 years. While her financial journey is far from over, she is sharing her story and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

In my interview with Naseema, we discuss the following:

  • Naseema’s background
  • How she first got into real estate and lost it all in the market crash
  • How getting married and then divorced affected her journey and finances
  • Her journey to paying off $300,000 worth of debt in 2 years
  • How she balances being a nurse and being a single mom
  • Why she started her business, Financially Intentional
  • Tips for single parents and divorced moms on how to get ahead with their finances
  • Her best advice for someone looking to get out of debt and save more plus so much more


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  1. This was so inspiring to me. I really enjoyed listening to the iPod I really would like to follow her and gets some tips on how I can pay off my students loans and mortgage debts as well. Thank you Jamila for sharing this. I’m so full and excited to learn more

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