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Episode 159- How Cindy Zuniga Paid Off $215,000 of Debt in 48 Months

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Cindy Zuniga went to law school to make an impact in her community. After three years in law school and $215,000 of debt later, Cindy realized the real cost of her decision. Her first year out of school she paid $24,000 towards her student loans. However, only $4,000 went towards her loan’s principal balance. 

So where did the other $20,000 go, you ask? To pay just the interest on her loan. 

That’s when Cindy said enough is enough and devised a plan to pay off all of her debt in 48 months. 

Check out this week’s episode where Cindy shares how she paid off $215,000 in 48 months and kept her expenses low while living in New York. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • What to consider before taking out student loans for a degree
  • How to educate yourself and your family about student loan debt
  • 3 reasons to refinance your student loans
  • How to stick to your financial goals in any environment
  • Tips for talking about finances with your partner
  • How to lower your expenses, save money, and more

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