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Episode 15- How Justin From Root of Good Retired at 33 Years Old

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Is early retirement possible with kids? How is it possible to live a $100,000 lifestyle on a $40,000 budget?  Through careful saving and planning, Just McCurry from the popular blog rootofgood.com is showing us how he managed to accumulate enough wealth to retire at age 33. What makes Justin’s story especially inspiring and relatable is that he was able to do reach Financial Independence even though he has three kids. Now he and his family travel when they please and live a life not confined to a paycheck.

On today’s episode, Justin I talk about the following:

  • How he got through college and law school with relatively little to no debt
  • When he decided that he wanted to retire early and what steps he took to make sure that it actually happened
  • Some of the foundational things anyone can implement to reach Financial Freedom; optimal spouse selection, good job w/ benefits, maximizing savings, not paying taxes, permanent starter home and making smart investments
  • How he was able to keep the cost of raising kids relatively low
  • How they travel the world for nearly free as a family of 5
  • How he makes money in retirement and why his net worth continues to increase plus so much more


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