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Episode 142- How to Avoid Burnout On Your Financial Journey and Charging Your Worth with Sarah Li Cain

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This week on the Journey to Launch podcast, Sarah Li Cain of Beyond the Dollar shares how she became a six-figure freelance writer with a six-figure net worth. She went from teaching and living abroad, to a writer, mom, and wife, with more money and freedom to enjoy life. 

Through her writing and podcast, Sarah blends practical tips and mindset strategies for those trying to change their financial life. She also integrates physical, spiritual, and mental wellness in her advice so you learn how to use money as a tool to enhance your life. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • What is geoarbitrage and how to use it to boost your net worth
  • The pros of a teaching career and how to find a job teaching overseas 
  • Steps to building a successful freelance writing business
  • How to achieve semi-retirement, a different form of financial independence
  • Ways to find balance between work, family, and your self-care
  • How to add value to a client so you can get paid your worth, and more

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