Episode Number: 14

Episode 14- From Welfare to Running a 6 Figure Business, How Alanya Created Wealth From The Bottom Up

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Anyone can build wealth and anyone can start with nothing and turn it into something. Nothing demonstrates that more than today’s guest, Alanya Kolberg, creator of Bottom of Wealth. Alanya went from being on welfare and bankruptcy to teaching herself how to invest and now she runs a 6 figure business helping others build their own wealth from the bottom up.

Her fearlessness when it comes to learning and teaching others about investing is inspiring and I can’t wait to share her story with you. In this episode we talk about the following:

  • How Alanya went from welfare and bankruptcy to running a 6 figure business
  • Why you don’t have to be good at numbers or math to build wealth
  • The key foundation and building blocks to wealth
  • If someone should invest while in debt
  • Her love for Roth IRA’s and why fees matter
  • Why she doesn’t just want to make her kids “rich” plus so much more


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