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Episode 127- Saving 50% of Your Income on $60,000 While Navigating a Health Condition with Zero

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In this week’s podcast episode, Zero shares her amazing story of adversity and triumphs. She saved half her income when she made $60,000 a year in New York while also navigating health challenges. In her twenties, she had brain surgery and doctors told her she may not be able to work or live independently. Instead of surrendering to her prognosis, she got through her recovery and moved to New York City. 

Not only did Zero find a job, but she went from making $37,000 a year to $75,000 in a short period. Zero maximized her income when she was making less, so she was able to max out her retirement savings when she earned more money. Zero saved $100,000 by 30 and recently quit her job to become a full-time entrepreneur. She continues to navigate her health challenges but has never allowed them to limit her abilities or accomplishments on her journey to financial freedom. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to boost your income so you can max out your savings
  • Ways to save on taxes and medical expenses 
  • The power of a positive perspective and money mindset
  • How to save, invest, and survive on less in New York City and so much more
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