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Episode 124- Celebrating 1 Million Downloads For The Journey To Launch Podcast + 10 Milestones Accomplished Along The Way

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The Journey to Launch podcast has officially reached one million total downloads! (in podcast land, that’s a big deal). Thank you to all of the listeners a.k.a. Journeyers who have inspired me to keep producing the podcast, rain or shine, every week for the past two years. You guys have been following my journey, sharing and supporting the content I produce which keeps me motivated to deliver and improve my message and platform. 

My goal is to inspire even more people to improve their finances and pursue financial freedom and independence so that they can truly live the life they want and deserve. 

In this special episode, I share more about my life since starting Journey To Launch and launching the podcast. Listen in to hear more about my humble beginnings in Jamaica, how I quit my job and found more freedom now without having a million dollars in the bank, the impact of the podcast, and so much more. My hope is that my story continues to inspire and show you how too you can make your dreams become a reality, 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • More about me and my humble beginnings in Jamaica
  • How I discovered the fire movement and started my own path to financial freedom
  • The importance of resilience, trust, patience, and forgiveness 
  • How you can create more financial freedom in your life with a “FU fund”
  • Ten highlights that have happened in my life since launching the podcast and so much more

To celebrate the 1 million total download milestone for the podcast, I’m re-opening doors to the Money Launch Club, the membership community that provides the support, tools, education and plan so that you can reach your financial goals like paying off debt, saving, investing and more. But the doors won’t be open for long. Come join us here. And to help you listen to the podcast and make it easier for you to share with your family and friends, we’ve created a podcast index that categorizes all of the Journey To Launch podcast episodes by subject. Now you can binge on your favorite topics or type of episode. Check out the Journey To Launch Podcast index here

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Let’s celebrate this milestone by getting to two million downloads even faster. Please share this episode with family and friends and follow me on social media.

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