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Episode 123- Teaching English Abroad & Paying off $37,000 of Debt with Miss Wise

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This week on the Journey to Launch podcast we have Miss Wise of Wise Woman Wallet. Miss Wise is from North Carolina and was previously up to her eyeballs in debt and bills. She decided to turn her side hustle, teaching English to immigrants at a community college, into a full time teaching gig in China. Over the last three years, she has paid off $37,000 in debt and paid $6,000 cash for certifications that have allowed her to make more money. 

In this episode, Miss Wise shares the steps you can take to travel, teach, and knock out debt as an expatriate (someone living abroad). Listen now to learn how Miss Wise is teaching others how to achieve financial success and live a good life.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How you can teach English overseas 
  • The benefits of working overseas and having your essential bills covered
  • How to boost your income and crush debt with side hustles
  • What life is like as a Black woman in China
  • How to find your tribe in foreign countries plus so much more 

*When we first recorded this episode back in July 2019, Miss Wise paid off $16,000 of debt. Since that recording, her new total debt pay off amount is $37,000 (as of mid October 2019)*

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  1. Jamila – I have many favorite episodes of your show, but this by far was my favorite! Your guest was super informative and you have great detailed questions as usual. Thanks for the inspiration and links!

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