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Episode 120- Q&A Episode: Best Strategies To Pay Off Debt, Turnkey Real Estate Investing, How To Stay Motivated on Your Journey + More

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I am answering your most recent submitted money questions on this week’s episode of the podcast. In this episode, we dive into a discussion about the types of debt, debt payoff methods, real estate investing, budgeting, and retirement savings. You don’t want to miss this good advice that can help you on your journey. 

In this episode I answer:

  • If you use a home equity line of credit to refinance your loans
  • If it makes sense to take money from your retirement account to pay off debt
  • The difference between secured and unsecured debt
  • How to strategically pay off debt with the snowball or avalanche method
  • Tips on what to do before you start investing in real estate
  • The facts about borrowing from your retirement account
  • How to stay motivated on your journey with the right budget plus so much more
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