Episode 12- Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

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Investing in real estate can be very risky yet very rewarding. Learn how Kendra Barnes without knowing much, in the beginning, started her fast-growing real estate empire. It all started when she and her husband had an epiphany while playing a board game which inspired them to get serious about building wealth and they haven’t looked back since.

While buying real estate isn’t for everyone (as discussed in last week’s podcast episode with Kristy & Bryce), if you do your proper research and invest wisely, you can eventually build a nest egg of asset producing properties that will serve you well on your path to Financial Freedom.

In this episode with Kendra Barnes we discuss the following:

  • How she and her husband owned seven rental units by the time they were 30 years old
  • Why and how real estate is a good or not so good investing option for people
  • What makes someone successful as a real estate investor
  • What are the steps someone can use to buy their very first property (especially if they don’t have much money)
  • Tips for someone living in a HCOL area who wants to get into the real estate game
  • The costs that you should be prepared for when buying and maintaining an investment property and primary residence
  • Why you need to step out of your comfort zone to build wealth plus so much more!


I'm listening to Episode 12 of the #JourneyToLaunch podcast Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Share on X You have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone to build wealth... Share on X Consider house hacking as a way to get into real estate investing... Share on X Know your end goal when you start and exactly what you're getting into before investing in real estate... Share on X Don't get too emotionally attached because there is always something better out there #realestateinvesting Share on X

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  1. Being a real estate investor requires four things. First, you must understand the market especially the property cycle and expert predictions. Second, you have to learn the process of acquiring the right investment property. Third, the investor must aggressively market every property he has for sale to net all clients willing to pay more. Fourth, the investor needs to take a long-term view to prepare for challenges that lay on the way.

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