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Episode 116- Healing Our Money Wounds & Uncovering Our Limiting Beliefs With Money Mitra

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This week on the Journey to Launch podcast we have “Money Mitra,” the founder of the “Psychology of Spending.” Mitra is a money and mindset coach who helps you eliminate money blocks so you can build wealth. She helps you identify the root of your limiting beliefs and money wounds, which are the stories that prevent you from building wealth. 

In this episode, Mitra shares her powerful story that shaped her journey. She is the daughter of a Southern Black mother born in the small town of Pulaski, Tennessee (infamous for two things: Sundrop and the KKK) and an Iranian immigrant father who came to America during the Iranian hostage crisis with little resources and a lot of ambition. 

Mitra also hosts “Money Talks,” a couch conversation series with a mission to normalize money conversations and help people learn their worth. The Talk Series also tackles how to navigate in our society where social advantage, power, and control influence so many people’s journey and financial decisions. Listen to this episode to learn how to overcome your money blocks and define success for yourself. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The importance of understanding where you come from and how that affects who you are, your life, and your money scripts
  • What are money triggers and money scripts
  • The psychology of spending
  • How to discover your money story, wounds, and the root of your limiting beliefs about money
  • How to break free of your past and move forward on your financial journey
  • The difference between a scarcity, abundance, growth, and fixed mindset
  • Questions to ask if you want to be your best and most authentic self
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