How A Teacher From The Bronx Moved To Abu Dhabi, Pays 0 Taxes & Had $17K of Student Loans Forgiven With Journeyer Cassandra Henry

Episode Number: 111

Episode 111- How Cassandra Increased Her Income by $10k & Improved Her Money Mindset (Bonus Episode)

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Journey to Launch presents another bonus episode. This episode features, Cassandra Henry, a Journeyer paying off debt and investing in herself. From Bronx, New York, Cassandra is a first generation Dominican American. At 25 years old she is her family’s breadwinner. As a result, she quickly learned the importance of taking control of her finances and her debt. In episode 111, Cassandra shares how she eliminated credit card debt and boosted her income with side hustles. She taught herself about personal finances by reading, listening to podcasts, and surrounding herself with like-minded people in the Money Launch Club.

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More About Cassandra Henry

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Bronx, New York

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Cassandra we are glad to have you share your story with Journeyers today. Before we dive into your journey, please tell us more about yourself.

My name is Cassandra Henry and I am a powerful, vulnerable and responsible leader. I am 25 years old and a first generation Dominican pursuing a life of abundance. I started my financial independence journey the summer of 2017, after being introduced to Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps and the personal finance podcast, Bigger Pockets Money. I have since increased my income by an extra $10,000, learned the importance of budgeting, and now understand what it means to have an abundant mindset when it comes to money. I am currently on the road to paying off more than $25,000 in student loans. Although there have been many ups and downs, the journey has been worth it.

Cassandra what advice would you give other Journeyers who are also on the journey to reach their goals?

Invest in yourself! This journey of financial independence has helped me recognize my own worth and realize that I deserve to invest in the goals that I have for myself. Seeking opportunities to grow your network, attending webinars, or even meet-ups that focus on reaching financial independence has definitely helped me get closer to reaching my financial goals. If you want to reach financial independence, it’s best to be on the journey in a community with others instead of on your own.

Cassandra what’s your “Why?” What motivates you to pursue Financial Freedom & Financial Independence?

My “Why” is my family. When I was little, my father always reminded me about the importance of saving. Whether it be for clothes or traveling, he would always pull my mother, my sisters and me aside and we would count all of the money we saved together as a family. When he passed away three years ago, I felt unprepared and overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities that had to be addressed. At the time, I was the only breadwinner of the family and although my father taught me how to save, he never taught me how to budget. I realized in order to make sure my family and I don’t end up homeless I have to be more aware of my money and where it’s going. As the years passed, I developed a desire to reach financial independence to not only provide stability for my mother but also to begin a legacy of wealth within my family.

Cassandra what a powerful story. What’s something you want to improve or do to help you reach your goals? 

I want to improve on creating better habits when it comes to maintaining a positive money mindset. When I don’t reach a financial goal that I have for myself, I take it pretty hard. I have been trying to surround myself with positive people to help ameliorate the disempowering mindset I get whenever I come across a money issue.

Mindset is key to staying positive and building wealth. Cassandra can you share some things you are doing to help move forward on your journey?

First off, I have increased my income by $10,000 with side hustles. My journey has reignited my passion for entrepreneurship, and I am in the process of developing a plan for my own business. Also,  I increased my network of influencers. 

One important thing I continue to do is educate myself about  financial independence by reading books and listening to several personal finance and motivational podcasts.

As a result of what I am doing, my family and friends are also learning the importance of managing money.

It’s nice when you get family and friends involved in your journey. Have you had any “wins” since joining the Money Launch Club? How has the Money Launch Club helped you achieve those goals? *

Yes, I have. For example, I  increased my number of side hustles. After reading Financial Freedom with the Money Launch Club, I began to apply for more side jobs. I now have three side hustles: Online Teacher for VIP kid, after school program assistant, and a tutor. 

I also created an online bank account for my emergency fund. The Money Launch Club has exposed me to so many different avenues I can take to increase my money. I was able to learn about online bank accounts through conversations in the Money Launch Club.

Sounds like you’ve gotten a lot out of being in the Money Launch Club. What do you enjoy most about it? *

I have appreciated the opportunity to have Money Launch Club meetups, book clubs, and the speakers!

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