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Episode 109- From Living Paycheck to Paycheck to Paying Off Debt & Financially Thriving With Veronique (Bonus Episode)

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Episode 109 is a bonus episode, the first of its kind. We are switching things up to give you more inspiring content in between regular Wednesday episodes. In this episode we feature Veronique Graves, a fellow Journeyer and member of the Money Launch Club. Veronique is a self employed sign language interpreter who is on her way to financial freedom. After becoming a member of the Money  Launch Club, she went from living paycheck to paycheck to paying off debt, saving, and investing. Listen to episode 109 to hear her story and learn ways you can get started on your journey too. 

More about Veronique: 

Current location (city) *

Rockville, MD

What’s your profession? *

Sign Language Interpreter

Veronique we are so glad you are sharing your story with fellow Journeyers. But before we dive into your financial journey, please tell us more about yourself.*

I work in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore metro area as a freelance sign language interpreter. Part time I teach Zumba for my local recreation center. Moved here from Atlanta about 9 years ago for a mentorship that was supposed to last 3 months and ended up loving the area and staying. I love travel, yoga, boxing, cycling, baking (really anything food related), dancing and singing. I also volunteer with the Make-A-Foundation. At 40 I’ve started learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and to play the guitar. Happy to have found a group of people who love learning and growing.

It’s great that you have found ways to make money doing things you love, like Zumba. What advice would you give Journeyers who are also still on the journey to reach their goals? *

Be patient and stick with the process. Mindset is more important than you realize and setting specific goals helps a great deal. Reading books on money and listening to podcasts will help you stay motivated. Finding friends and family with good money mindsets and goals is awesome too!

What drives you to want Financial Freedom & Financial Independence? In the FIRE community, we normally refer to this as your “why.”*

I want to be in a position where I am financially independent so that it allows me to have the life flexibility I  want whether it’s regarding my job or travel. Since I have an entrepreneurial spirit the freedom part is important especially since my income tends to fluctuate. I’d like to be able to help other people when they need it the way my relatives and friends have helped me. For example, when my siblings and I got our first cars, my grandma paid in cash and had us pay her back monthly so we wouldn’t have to incur interest from banks. Or when I had fibroid surgery my relatives were able to either give or loan me money to assist with medical bills.

Veronique, what are some things you can do to help you reach your goals? *

I’d like to learn more skills to get a new job and earn more money. I’d like to create better time management and organization habits.

Veronique you have made a lot of progress with your finances. What changes did you have to make in your life to move forward on your journey? *

In order to move forward in my journey I asked for a higher rate as a contractor. I was teaching dance aerobics as a side hustle. Meal planning and bringing lunch to work as well as cooking more at home has helped me save too. Saving 20% has become a priority which allows me to continue to build my emergency fund.

Now that you are a Money Launch Club member, can you share any wins you’ve had since joining?

The Money Launch Club classes have taught me a lot of useful skills. I asked for a raise and received one. Also living paycheck to paycheck is a thing of the past. Being more conscious of saving and my cash flow have really helped. I opened up a health savings account and select investments for the account.

That’s an awesome testimony. Tell us, what do you enjoy most about the Money Launch Club? *

I enjoy the accountability through sharing our wins and lessons. There is a great sense of community where we are working toward many of the same goals. The classes are great as well!

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2 Responses

  1. Hi, my cousin sent me a link for this podcast and I am so glad that she did. I have never listened to a podcast before but I really enjoyed Veronique’s story! I too am in the debt payoff stage, which will take me a couple of years, but these stories are always in inspirational and remind me that I am not alone. And I learn something new each time – I will be looking into Betterment lol. So thank you for sharing, and good luck with your money goals!!

    1. Hi Mesha! That’s why I enjoy bringing on ppl in the midst of their journey. Becoming debt free may take some time for you but every $ paid off is a step towards your freedom!

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