Episode 10- How Patrice Washington Became America’s Money Maven

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What does someone have to go through to come from nothing, become a millionaire, lose it all, only to gain it back all again? Patrice Washington, America’s Money Maven, best selling author, speaker, and money coach knows all about that.  

I first met Patrice at Podcast Movement 2017. I was always a fan of her platform and she was so welcoming when I introduced myself. We hit it off immediately and I asked her to sit down with me and chat about her story and rise to become “America’s Money Maven” LIVE at Podcast Movement at the FinCon booth. Patrice really opened up about her journey, the highs and lows of what it took to become the woman she is today. In our conversation, we discuss so much, including:

  • Her childhood and how it shaped her to be a go-getter and entrepreneur
  • How she became a real estate mogul and millionaire by the age of 25
  • Her lowest point of losing all of her money and investments which led her to an epiphany that would change everything
  • How seeking wisdom and following her purpose allowed her to gain it all back and more
  • The steps she took to become who she is today
  • Why becoming mentally fit with your finances is a key to lasting financial success


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2 Responses

  1. This episode was filled with so much information. I am the very same way, save everything (LOL) but it should really be about setting realistic boundaries. So that when you put away, you don’t feel the urge to use it unless absolutely necessary.

    1. Thanks Nazina for listening and your feedback. And totally agree that you need to be realistic and create a sustainable saving habits

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