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Episode 1- The Intro Episode

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In this episode, I’ll be introducing myself and what Journey To Launch is all about. I’ll cover:

  • My backstory, where I grew up and how being raised by a single mom help teach me the value of money at an early age
  • My crazy 3-4 hour driving commute and the mental breakdown that occurred when I was pregnant with my first son and how that made me want to figure out a way to retire early
  • Why I started Journey To Launch & why I started the podcast
  • What you can expect from the podcast, what the show format will be and the types of topics that will be discussed

P.S. I recorded this introductory episode at least 4x already but I’ve made up my mind that the one you are hearing now will be the last take. I realized that I was being too critical of myself and that I couldn’t get everything to be perfect as I’d like. But that’s the beauty of this journey. Everything doesn’t have to perfect, you’ll get better the more you do and push yourself forward.


I'm listening to the Intro Episode of the Journey To Launch Podcast Share on X I hate saying the word boss, it gives me hives Share on X I was sleepwalking through life and my money because I wasn't intentional about my money Share on X Episode 1- The Intro Episode Share on X

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Journey To Launch Podcast: Episode 1

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