Why You Should Stop Buying Crap & Change Your Money Mindset

How to stop buying things and change your money mindsetHow do you currently view your accomplishments? Is your self worth based on material items and based on what OTHER people think of you?  Is your happiness contingent on the fact that you can outwardly impress others?

There is no doubt you deserve it all in life but there is a caveat that people don’t mention when they talk about living the good life. It should not come at the cost of your financial security AND just because its expensive doesn’t mean its of value to you. The good life is not derived from the type of car you drive, the bag you rock or the type of clothes you wear.

Sure, it may seem to make you feel better by adorning yourself with nice and expensive things but that is all superficial and fleeting. That craving to satisfy your self worth through material possessions will only put you on a dangerous cycle of consumption. You will keep acquiring things to impress others without ever really filling that void of happiness.

Put it this way, it’s like having a beautiful house for all the neighbors to see; the lawn is manicured to perfection, the shingles, doors and windows all shine bright. But, once you walk inside the house, it’s a mess. Its not clean, there is chaos everywhere or maybe its just empty. Its as almost like you rather stay outside of the house, chatting to your neighbors reveling in the fact that they think your house is so gorgeous because you know once you step inside that house, you will feel like crap. The inside of your house is for you and only you, just like your finances.

Paying down and eventually paying off debt, increasing your savings and investing for the future are all things that should make you feel accomplished and prideful. Who cares if you are the only person who knows it. You don’t need the validation of others from the outward appearance of nice things.

To have nice things is one thing, but to really have your finances in order and have little to no anxiety about money is another. So instead of measuring your happiness and success based on what you buy, begin to measure it by the stability of your finances and change your money mindset.

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4 Responses

  1. “To have nice things is one thing, but to really have your finances in order and have little to no anxiety about money is another.” This is a message! I totally agree. I’ve become a somewhat minimalist but I feel better about it. Maybe one day I’ll get a designer bag, but for now, it’s not happening. lol

    1. Yes it has been an evolution for me too. I once wanted and have had some expensive stuff but the more I realized these things are not helping me to “quit” my job , the less I desired them. Maybe one day I’ll be able to buy a Chanel bag without thinking twice about it but right now that’s not even a want or goal.

    1. Thank you Miesha for stopping by! Glad you like it. I find that the comparison is so true. Who knows what really going on below the surface level?! That’s why they say, everything that glitters, isn’t gold.

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