Where Are You On Your Financial Journey? (How To Identify Your Journey Position)

Financial Freedom Journey

I’ve struggled with how I can properly communicate not only my story but how to provide realistic advice that you can apply to your finances.

I haven’t reached the promised land of Financial Independence just yet but I’m well on my way. We have no debt besides our primary mortgage (and the debt on our investment property). Some of the strategies I talk about at this level are not relatable or suitable for you if you’re just starting out on your Financial Freedom journey, and that’s ok.

I realize that aggressively saving and investing $85,300 is not always relatable to you. Sure it can be inspiring, but then what? How can YOU get to that point if you’re still trying to create and stick to a proper budget, are deep in debt or have a less than ideal income?

But how can you get from where you are now to where I am today and even surpass me in your journey?  (Take the free Your Way To $85K Savings email course)

That’s what I want to show you.

With a guided effort to speak to you exactly where you are, I will slowly start organizing my content and resources by skill level and position points on the journey:

  • Beginner Journeyer
  • Intermediate Journeyer
  • Advanced Journeyer

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where are you on your financial journey

Each skill level has a distinct set of characteristics and attributes. You’ll have applicable tips and steps that you can apply exactly where you are. You’ll be able to access resources and articles at any skill level you want, you’ll just have a better understanding of the path and where exactly on the journey you are.

The idea is that in order for you to progress to the next level, you need to be given information that directly relates to your current situation. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn and take information from different levels. As an Advanced Journeyer, sometimes you’ll still need foundational information in the Beginner Journeyer level. If you’re an Intermediate Journeyer, perhaps you’re ready to apply some more Advanced Journeyer knowledge to your finances.

Whether you’re a Beginner Journeyer, Intermediate Journeyer or Advanced Journeyer, we all share the common goal, to reach Financial Freedom by optimizing our finances, improving our habits and staying focused on the journey.

No matter your level, the underlying theme at JourneyToLaunch is that you can benefit from support, accountability, and resources to help you on your journey.

Below is a brief description and a set of attributes associated with each Journeyer level. There is no one size fits all and every attribute in each level doesn’t have to apply to your situation. Just pick the level you feel fits your situation the most:

Beginner Journeyer

Beginner Journeyer

You’re just starting out on your financial freedom journey. You haven’t always made the best financial decisions but that’s all in the past. Perhaps your parents didn’t teach you much about money or maybe you were sold the dream of overpaying for a college education only to land a job that barely allows you to pay more than the minimum on your student loan.

Whatever your reason, you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching other people live the life you were meant to have. You’re looking to make some serious changes to your habits and mindset so that you can break the negative financial cycle. You need help getting started, staying focused and learning the basics.

(Find ways to cut your expenses by hundreds of dollars a month with 5-day Money Savers Challenge)

Beginner Journeyer Current Situation & Roadblocks

  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Struggling to pay off debt and not accumulate more debt
  • No additional money to save and invest every month
  • Little to no investments
  • Not investing or investing very little towards retirement
  • Little to no emergency fund
  • No budget
  • Negative net-worth

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Intermediate Journeyer- 

You’re in the thick of your Financial Freedom journey. You see the faint light at the end of the tunnel but you need help organizing your finances and creating an efficient debt payoff strategy. You’re able to support your lifestyle but know you can be doing more to reach all of your goals. You’re looking to whip your finances into shape and make the transition from a negative net-worth to a positive net-worth.

Intermediate Journeyer Intermediate Current Situation & Roadblocks

  • Doesn’t truly understand where money goes each month
  • Needs efficient strategies to pay off debt
  • Saves a minimal amount towards retirement
  • Small to no emergency fund
  • Negative or small net-worth
  • Capacity to save and invest more but don’t know how
  • Needs help cutting expenses
  • Wants to start investing

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Advanced Journeyer-

You’re in a unique position in your Financial Freedom journey. You have all the tools you need to reach all of your goals; a decent income, ok spending habits and have been slowly building your networth yet you still feel stuck or are unclear how to take your finances to the next level. You may still need to perfect the basics but you have a good understanding of the concepts. You’re looking to gain some clarity, create a realistic actionable plan and execute.

Advanced Journeyer Current Situation & Roadblocks

  • Spends within reason but looking for even more ways to save money
  • Fully funded or almost fully funded emergency fund
  • Saving towards retirement but looking to contribute more
  • Needs more clarity and organization around current finances
  • Looking to invest outside of retirement accounts
  • Little to no debt other than the primary mortgage
  • Wants help creating an early retirement plan

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If you’re still not sure where you are on the Journeyer scale, take this quiz.

Resources For All Journeyer Levels:

5-Day Money Savers Challenge (Free)

Your Way To $85K Free Email Course (Free)

Resource Library (Free)

Wealth Building Manual ($27)

1on1 Coaching (Prices Vary)

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16 Responses

  1. Whoa..I am definitely under beginner category. Your savings and strategy look very inspiring, it is surely a huge number!

  2. Sharing this post with a few friends. I personally think it’s important to know where you’re at and how you can get to where you want to be.

    1. Thank you for sharing and yes it’s super important to know where you are so that you can figure out where to go!

  3. I like that you carved out different “journeyers” with a description on each. Thank you for writing and sharing this post.

  4. Great read! I liked how you described each one! Just started my journey to financial freedom so I fall under the beginner journeyer. But I agree that even if you’re at the advanced stage, you can still learn from the others!

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article. This is very important topic. Saving and reinvesting is super critical to meet your financial goals!

  6. I would have to say I am in between an Intermediate and Advanced Journeyer. I’ve recently paid off my debt and have a solid budget, but, I’m still working on building an emergency fund and I’m not quite yet ready to go all in on building my individual investment portfolio.

    1. Thanks for sharing Diondra! Yes start today and just move fwd with small changes and determination. We all have to begin somewhere!

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