The 4 Types of Financial Goals You Should Have + Free Financial Goals Worksheet

4 Financial Goals You Should Have Plus Free Financial Goals WorksheetDo you have a clear view of what your financial goals are? Your financial goals should be broken down into four categories (Near-Term, Short-Term, Mid-Term & Long-Term):
*Near-Term: Financial Goals you want to accomplish within 3 months.

*Short-Term: Financial Goals you want to accomplish within 2 years.

*Mid-Term: Goals you want to accomplish within 2 years to 10 years.

*Long-Term: Goals you want to accomplish in 10 or more years.

It’s very important not to compare your goals with other people. What one person’s long term goals are can be someone’s mid term goals and vice versa. We all walk our individual paths of financial independence and start at different points. The only way to reach your financial goals is to first know what they are and then write them down.



Write your goals down here by downloading my free Financial Goals Worksheet (financial-goals-worksheet)


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