Who Told Me To Launch A Podcast? | Podcast Launch Part 2

Who Told Me To Launch a Podcast? Part 2
Podcasting is a lot of work! Who told me to start a podcast? And why didn’t any of you stop me?! Is it too late to back out?

Ok, but seriously, I’ve been working hard on putting everything together for the launch of the podcast. The recommendation from the podcast experts is that you launch with at least 3-5 episodes in the que. On top of that, I want to have an additional 5-7 episodes completed upfront so that I can release them every week and have a buffer while I’m creating new episodes. The last thing I want to do is get behind and scramble when it’s time to release an episode every week.

I’ve finally selected July 26th as the podcast launch date. I was so afraid of selecting a date because I thought I wouldn’t be ready. But instead of waiting until everything is perfect because let’s face it, nothing will ever be completely perfect, I’m selecting a date and launching.

Here a couple more things that I’ve completed for my podcast since the last update:

  • Started a thunderclap campaign where I’m asking for help to spread the word about the podcast launch on July 26th. The way it works is that when a supporter signs up, they donate a tweet or Facebook message letting their social network know about the podcast launch on July 26th. Will you sign up and help me spread the word? I need 100 supporters to make this campaign a success.
  • Completed two interviews; one with an investment expert and the other with a man who became a millionaire on a teacher’s salary. I think you’ll enjoy and learn from both of these interviews.
  • Had a really cool introduction done for the podcast that I just LOVE. You’ll get to hear it soon!
  • Finalized the podcast cover artwork
  • Joined two really helpful podcast support groups on Facebook , She Podcasts & Podcast Community
  • Decided on Libsyn as my podcast hosting site and switched recording and editing from Garageband to Audacity
  • Started editing the first few episodes on my own instead of jumping to hire an editor. I think it’s important for me to understand the inner workings of the episodes from start to finish and I won’t get to do that if I outsource the editing right away.

Also, you can now leave me a quick voicemail with a question you want to be answered on the podcast. Record your question below and you may just hear it on air!



Read part 1 of the behind the scenes of the podcast launch.

The podcast is here!! Listen to the latest podcast episodes here.

Keep up to date on everything by signing up below or joining the private Facebook group.

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