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Access to credit and having good credit allowed me to accomplish some amazing things in my life, like buying my first property at 22 years old which really gave me a strong financial head start.

It was good credit that allowed my mom to establish a solid financial footing in this country when she came here at only 20 years old as single young mom from the island of Jamaica. When she was ready to move out to her own place after staying with family for a few years, she needed credit to get approved for the apartment and when she needed to take out loans for various reasons, she needed to have good credit.

Access to credit is a key component and gateway in being able to build wealth. I’m not talking about access to credit cards for the purpose of staying in perpetual debt, I’m talking about using credit as a way to leverage and increase your buying and investing power.

The facts of the matter are that most if not all people will need to use credit throughout their lives and the better the credit, the lower you’ll pay in interest charges and expenses.

My mission is to bring not only the concept of Financial Freedom & Independence to a wider audience but to give you the tools and resources that will actually help you accomplish your money goals. Experian Boost is a free tool from Experian that allows you direct control over your credit file with the ability to improve your credit scores immediately. If you pay your bills like water, gas, electric, cable, cell phone through a checking or savings account, you could instantly raise your credit scores.

I’ve seen first hand what access to credit and having good credit can do for someone’s financial trajectory. Whether it’s through the countless numbers of guests that I’ve interviewed who cited credit as a way they were able to buy their first real estate property or through my own personal experience of using credit to buy my properties and travel hack to save thousands of dollars on travel, credit is important.

(Me in my DUMBO condo after purchasing it)

I wanted to try it out myself before I gave this my official stamp of approval and shared it with you. By  following the very simple steps provided on the Experian Boost website, I was able to increase my scores by 4 points!


(Experian Boost found 3 accounts to help boost my scores)
(I got a 4 point Boost!)

The overall process took about 5 minutes from start to end and it was completely free, no credit card was required.

To date, Experian Boost has been able to collectively boost Americans credit scores by over 4 million points.

Only positive payments will be factored into their credit file (it can only help, not hurt). In rare situations where a person’s score goes down from boosting, they can instantly disconnect Boost and their credit score will go back up to where it was.

Go to to try it out for yourself and to learn more about this tool.

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